You know you're low when. . . .

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by widebody_Q, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    This is not a damn fokin competition....:smiley-rofl:
  2. Awwthentic

    Awwthentic New Member

    I can understand on coils :biggthumpup:
  3. luda42688

    luda42688 New Member

    for my old car....

    When you rip your front bumper off of a slightly raised sewer cap.
  4. projecty33

    projecty33 New Member

    +1 and then u say that wasn't even bad
  5. monopolizedinc

    monopolizedinc New Member

    ... or you dont even notice and they are looking at you like your psycho
  6. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    When u accidentally post rolling shots in wrong section and can't delete your post and post this instead....:signdammit:
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  7. Ryuusei

    Ryuusei New Member

    you know you're low when the car can only go out of the garage and that's as far as it'll get.
  8. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    holy moley that is some rust under there! i am so glad i live on west coast.. keep the msg on the food, not on the pavement
  9. JDMJim

    JDMJim VSC Super Moderator

  10. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

  11. JDMJim

    JDMJim VSC Super Moderator

    ^ but thats not static
  12. monopolizedinc

    monopolizedinc New Member

    when you hard park directly in front of the front door of a local restaurant and the tow truck driver comes in to ask you to please move your car they have reserved a spot... true story dude came to tow and said there was no way he could get under it let alone drag it down the street.
  13. CubanGS

    CubanGS New Member

    just for you!!! STATIC!!!!!



  14. JDOX

    JDOX New Member

  15. prestige

    prestige New Member

    you know you're low when your leaning on your car and your ass is on the roof.
  16. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    I guess that can static in Japan....
  17. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    actually everyone i know who's been over there says the roads suck outside major cities.
  18. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    Yup, so if you see a car like that from yokohama, you know they live with in the city, and they are ballers, cause they have a garage in yokohama in the city lol

    IF i could, i would ride near that. But i think everyone would. Bags are merely to get over things in the road. but if there was nothing to get over. We would all ride bump stops. which I think that car is on. since any travel and its not going down further
  19. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    id be annoyed as fuck driving that hearing nothing but scraping plastic every where i go haha
  20. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    by the looks of it, it doesnt happen very much

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