Y34/M45 Curtains??

Discussion in 'Interior' started by VIP KING, Nov 12, 2007.


    VIP KING New Member


    Is anyone aware of any that exist for our beloved Y34/M cars?

    I would like to have some, but can't see a way to actually make them work since our doors have no actual frame for them to attach to. Ahs anyone seen a cutain setup and a framless door?
    Maybe something is out there that I am not aware of?
  2. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    there is nothing available..the only thing I would say is stick the upper rail to the window and you will be the first with motorized curtains...when you roll down the windows???? There was another thread about this and I did a diagram of how to but I since then deleted the image...

    VIP KING New Member

    I hear ya on that window thing, however when I want to roll it down...

    On another note, I am curious, if I just put the top rail as close to the edge on the inside door frame and the other rail on the door itself, the curtains are flexable and should be able to twist to a small degree when I open the door right? Maybe get a size larger then I need to allow that twist when the door is open?

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