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Discussion in 'Interior' started by jzz30tt, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. jzz30tt

    jzz30tt New Member

    I'm about to wrap my headliner and pillars in black suede.

    My question is was there ever a black headliner/pillars made for any year y33? I haven't been able to find any pictures on one. But the reason I'm asing is that all of my plastic pieces such as lights, sunroof switchs, sun visor clips etc, will still be gray. I really don't want to paint all of this stuff.

    Any insight would be great!

  2. nextgear1

    nextgear1 Member

    i had the same question....i don't think so. I've got a black on black '98, and would think that if any model and trim package was going to have full black it would be a black on black. But mine just as the typical grey headliner. you doing the job yourself....if so please do a write up. that is definitely something that i intend to do also.
  3. BrianStyles

    BrianStyles Banned

    how light or dark is your gray in your interior? if it's dark gray, those little trim pieces should blend in pretty well with your black suede. my whole interior is dark graphite, light gray, and black. it all blends in pretty nicely.

    BOSOZOKU New Member

    you can use plastic dye. don't bother painting it all, just throw em all in a bucket of dye! i'm currently doing custom black suade curtains and my dashboard with black suade. eventually, when i have the time, my headliner aswell. i'm just holding off cause i'm going to have a pro do a 'diamond' pattern stitching into the liner and the door panel inserts. back to the trim pieces, google "plastic dye" and you'll find what you need. it doesn't rub off or fade. should blend perfectly. :thumbsup:

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