y33: Broken SUnroof

Discussion in 'Interior' started by 00scotty, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. 00scotty

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    Hey guys, I am having trouble with my sunroof and need to remove the headliner. Never done it before, just wondering if there is an FSM on available online, so that I can take out the headliner before I go in and start ripping things apart. Anyone help will be appreciated. +rep
  2. 00scotty

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  3. 00scotty

    00scotty New Member

    anyone know where I can buy a used unit?, Im checking ebay however Im afraid to buy from there

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    Hit a local salvage yard....might get lucky

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  5. 00scotty

    00scotty New Member

    tried, the only y33 that was at my local was gone before I even had the issue...I called LKQ and they had one, but now the guy is telling me that its broken...I see a few on ebay but Dont want to take the risk of buying a defective one....If anyone knows of a parts car in there local area, please hit me up
  6. burgy

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    The only trick to the head;liner is that there are 4 clips in the back and 4 just behind the sunroof, each set faces a different direction so you need to slide off one set just far enough and then drop the headliner and pull it back the other way. I ended up pulling the same direction and ripped off all of the back ones. I can probably get picks of what I mean if you need them. Good Luck
  7. 00scotty

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    I've already removes the headliner, that was ccake, and also I have dropped the sunroof and inspected it myself...the problem is that the driver side sunroof guide that sits inside the guide rail is broken to hell,, and I can't just purchase that piece alone and replace it....so I am told that I have to buy the whole entire sunroof...In addition to that, When I try to close the sunroof, this guide seems to move right through the rail to the front part of the sunroof mechanism and causes chaos to the front part of the sunroof, which hasn't moved because that very same guide,,,guides the entire sunroof but can't as previously mentioned
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