Y33 Analog Clock and digital climate control swap

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Battleroyale, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Battleroyale

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    The swap to the newer climate control and analog clock in the 00-01 Y33's is pretty straight forward you have to do come minor wiring ( Retro swap is plug and play). Pull the A/C vents, Radio/climate control, center console/shifter section (its been covered in other posts).

    The only wiring that you have to do is for the analog clock. You can see it in the picture below. Everything else is plug and play. All you have to do is tap (I used wire taps, but you can cut and solder for cleaner look) the same colored wires from the clock to the same colored wires in the white plug to the right of the clock in the image. The wire colors are black=Ground, yellow= constant 12v, red w/blue stripe, red w/white (illumination).


    Mine didn't come with the clock wiring so I had to make a run to the local junk yard to find a suitable replacement. Clock plugs from older Q's or J30's will work.

    At this point you can swap out the light bulbs for some led's. I had already done this to my digital climate control so I swapped them into the newer one. [​IMG]

    You can finde these at superbrightleds and a bunch of other places online

    Now plug everything back in check to see if the clock is functioning and everything else illuminates. Boo ya finished product below:

  2. BossMaxima

    BossMaxima New Member

    What size are the leds for the climate control, clock, etc?

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  3. Battleroyale

    Battleroyale New Member

    The clock bulbs are
    T1.5 series LED Twist Lock Lamps

    The climate control leds are
    T1-1/4 Twist Lock Base Mount Neo Wedge Bulbs
  4. BossMaxima

    BossMaxima New Member

    Ok awesome ive been saying i need to do this project.. Sorry to ask so many questions but do you remember how many you needed?

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  5. burgy

    burgy New Member

    Nice work. And I have the same LED's (except blue for the HVAC) from the same place in mine and I love em. For those looking to do it, just remember that the little LEDs for the HVAC only work when in the right way, if they do not light up, take them out and do a half turn and put them back in. This should also tell you that you should check them before you stuff everything back in and bolt it together haha.

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    Hahaha! Good tip!

    Anybody know what bulb type it is for the gauge clusters?
  7. burgy

    burgy New Member

    ^ I think they are also T1-1/4 or Neo-wedge but I haven't confirmed this yet. I need to take mine out and do those next so keep us posted if you find out for certain
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  8. BossMaxima

    BossMaxima New Member

    Lookin forward to the update it would be nice to upgrade to a crisper white this dingy white sucks plus half my buttons dont light up at night :what:

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  9. Battleroyale

    Battleroyale New Member

    No problem. The clock uses two bulbs. The hvac if I remember correctly uses 5 bulbs.
  10. Battleroyale

    Battleroyale New Member

    The main ones that light up the gauges are 194's I did mine a while ago ( four of them). The smaller warning light and gear indicator bulbs are smaller T1.5 series bulbs
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