x2 new(ish) JP black on black neck pads

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by sojah, Mar 5, 2013.

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  1. sojah

    sojah Member

    I put the neck pads in my car, 3 weeks later i replaced them with D.A.D ones, the JP mission neck pads are all black with black stitched logos, hard to find since most have the huge white stitched logo's.

    The neck pads are like 99% new and i'm really not sure if the passanger one was touched more than once honestly.

    i will try to upload a pic when i get to my home PC, but i think you all know what they look like by now.

    $40 plus $5 for shipping to most US places. I live in Japan by the way and paid $50 for these originally.
  2. mj_39

    mj_39 New Member

    Pmd, ill take them
  3. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

  4. sojah

    sojah Member


    i think that was the fastest i've ever sold something online. guess there is a market for hard to find JP stuff on here huh¿
  5. sojah

    sojah Member

    mods please close this thread.
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