Wtb euroline dh or locksmice duke 19"

Discussion in 'Want to Buy / Trade' started by chasemaster, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. chasemaster

    chasemaster New Member

    Looking for 19" 5x114 prefer low offsets but open to everything lmk thanks
  2. elvexilix

    elvexilix New Member

    Well there are a few sites that i always check monthly for wheels. The only one that has a page online with thses two is s2carbonworks.com . They dont show sold but i rather call them.....or look up on insta.

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  3. chasemaster

    chasemaster New Member

    Thanks bro I'll check it out
  4. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    s2carbonworks ( also known as junctionvip) sells fake shit as real, just fyi. i highly doubt they'll sell fake used wheels, but why give business to someone who rips people off?

  5. elvexilix

    elvexilix New Member

    ouch....thanks. good thing i never pulled the trigger on them. goodlookingout.

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  6. swankx

    swankx New Member

    hey chase ill look for you anything in particular??
  7. chasemaster

    chasemaster New Member

    leaning more towards the dh looking for an aggressive set. if not i guess something i can possibly rebuild but dont really want to go that route right now

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