WTB: 2002 LS430 Parts

Discussion in 'Want to Buy / Trade' started by mtbr64, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. mtbr64

    mtbr64 New Member

    Looking for OEM wheels from a ls430 five spoke design
    also looking for shifter trim, the part that says d,r,n, 4,3,2,l mine is scratched looking to replace.
    also looking for a cup holder black interior.
  2. jdmpalace

    jdmpalace VSC Super Moderator

    Well, I have the wheels off 06 they have dencent tires on them and no curb rash on them, Not sure where you are but PM me and offer if you want them, the wheels are in Nor Cal area.
  3. one13admofo

    one13admofo New Member

    I have some chrome 16" 's Not the 5 spoke though with brand new yokohamas hit me

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