Woodgrain in 2gs

Discussion in 'Interior' started by DeeweezyGS, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. DeeweezyGS

    DeeweezyGS New Member

    Hey guys I can use your help once again lol

    I may be making a custom table for backseat but not on the seat it's gonna be a center console by the feet in my gs300
    The uprights will be wrapped in suede probably
    But the flat pieces I want to stain to match my woodgrain
    I think i read somewhere that factory woodgrain has a birch style
    Well my question is what wood should I use to match woodgrain design
    Today at lowes I was looking but didn't have any woodgrain trim to compare
    And the oak wood looks close to me and not so much the birch
    And would anyone know what color stain to use?

    I tried a quick search in here and google didn't see much to help

    Thanks in advance y'all!!!
  2. VIPanda

    VIPanda New Member

    I think they stain it. I'm not sure tho.

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