Wood Steering Wheels

Discussion in 'Interior' started by BrianStyles, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Lexus Soarer

    Lexus Soarer New Member

    Too much for me. Im looking into picking up a steering wheel from a newer model ES, GS, or SC. I like how there is wood in the areas where you would normally see wear and tear and then the rest is smooth leather.
  2. Bippu_Ten

    Bippu_Ten New Member

    i went w/ a wood & leather Nardi. I like it, Its great and inexpensive!
  3. Miyabita_Y33

    Miyabita_Y33 Member

    are you using a hub? if so what kind?
  4. Bippu_Ten

    Bippu_Ten New Member

    It is a HKB hub.. Im guessing you have a Y33 Q45?
  5. fourcsan

    fourcsan New Member

    hey thats the wheel i have in my car!
    i saw that other one on ebay a while back too.
  6. Bippu_Ten

    Bippu_Ten New Member

    not bad...
  7. carnal_c30

    carnal_c30 New Member

    I like the wood momos, but I would go OEM later model for the best look

    anyone know where to get that wood alpina wheel? that thing is sick... perfect for my dads OG BMW 2002

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