Widebody is300 htown weekend.

Discussion in 'The Photo Gallery' started by rararoy, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. rararoy

    rararoy New Member

    Recently took a weekend trip to Houston, and thought i would share some photos. Also did a shoot that should be coming out soon too. Cheers!

    Couple shots of mine,

    Setting up a rig shot :)

    Stanced out for a shot

    Future wife

    And a gloomy sunday before heading home
  2. ikadburry

    ikadburry Member

    So nice!

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  3. Yeah, seen this at Slammed Society last year. Pretty nice...

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  4. myis300

    myis300 New Member

    Looks really good I miss my old is300
  5. illest

    illest New Member

    O_O i see you. lol glad to see you're on here too man...looks good as usual
  6. barad55

    barad55 New Member


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