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  1. JUICEDW140

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    So dope. The fender work is interesting. It looks different from every angle and the LE37's are a strange choice but work.Probably couldn't have pulled it off on an LS or a Q, but the GS works. I like it.
  3. JUICEDW140

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  4. F.L.S.

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  5. jeebus

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    Looks pretty terrible/ugly to me. SHould have left the fenders stock instead of ruining them.


    The only thing I do like is the silver on white wheels. Most people do not like or do not thing that color combo goes, but I think it goes great together.

    Is this the same car that was slammed on the 18 inch nkb cups? Looks identical minus the fender work.
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  6. brainneeded

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    ^^^ body work looksa lot better than the duckbill style pulls people try to pull off.

    i like this car a lot but i LOVE te/le's. the one on the nkb's was a east coast car i think, this one is west coast.
  7. JUICEDW140

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    no side skirts?
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  8. BAHC

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    there was a lot of debate on the fender work when he originally made his thread. personally, im more a fan of radius as opposed to tuck. car on NKB cups was philly rob.
  9. Bobafreak

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    I liked the song? lol
    Im going to have to agree with jeebus on this.
    Big ups for another liberty car though.
  10. actolex

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    Any interior work.....trunk work.....engine compartment....brake upgrade ... :yahoo_39:
  11. BLKVIP

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    wheels are LE-37 pretty much a TE-37. imo that wheel on a GS is perfect. I would like to see the rear less cambered and closer to the fender, give it more of a widebody feel, all that fender work just to tuck meh.
  12. Scrapin V8

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    Woah just saw this thread! Thanks for all the comments guys =) :shrug:
  13. coco-puffs

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    0-60 in 5.3 stock?

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