who makes rear tray tables/cup holders ??

Discussion in 'Interior' started by lexusondubs, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. lexusondubs

    lexusondubs New Member

    well i got a nice JP front table (chrome/wood) and now i feel my rear looks naked without tables or cupholders who makes a nice set ?? and i cant use the clip on door ones cause i have the curtains there soo that wont work any suggestions?? help :shrug:
  2. lexusondubs

    lexusondubs New Member

    wow nobody
  3. RaCinStylez

    RaCinStylez VSC Super Moderator

    u gotta make something custom....no one makes em
  4. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    carmate makes a mini the size of 2 cups.
  5. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

    I love tables but those carmates are kinda whack if I remember correctly. I bought one thinking it'd be dank-deezy but when it showed up its like this cheesy plastic made in Taiwan sold in japan piece of turd. So crappy I gave it away to this guy on club lexus.
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  6. augdogg

    augdogg VSC Super Moderator

    ^^^I think cup holders on the window are kinda wack too, so you should do somethin custom for the area in the back between the seats in the centre console (the hump) space.
  7. Platinum-VIP

    Platinum-VIP New Member

    i agreee...

    MAX_POWERS New Member

    Get some tables of a Jag. Emerald has some rear tables.
  9. lexusondubs

    lexusondubs New Member

    nice soo those are jag tables ??
  10. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

  11. lexusondubs

    lexusondubs New Member

  12. lexusondubs

    lexusondubs New Member

    anybody else have any ideas on rear tables ??
  13. JDMGalant

    JDMGalant Member

    Yup, thats what I did on my car. Looks great!
  14. MR.J

    MR.J New Member

    super old thread but ive been lookin for these... now i know what they are .. also ..

    how hard are they to install?? look simple right?

    they are gonna be goin on a Y33Q45
  15. freeagent6

    freeagent6 Member

  16. MR.J

    MR.J New Member

  17. ExecutiveKoala187

    ExecutiveKoala187 New Member

    I think Garson makes a middle console thing for the rear Kinda Like a Maybach, I've seen em in a couple a VIPSTYLE mags over the past couple of months.
  18. Qfour5

    Qfour5 New Member

    I really like the Garson middle I don't know how much it would cost or how much shipping would be to the US and I don't know if it is something that is sold for all cars or just certain platforms. But I also scooped up some jag table that I am going to try to mount in the rear also.
  19. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

    Cerrtian platforms. Expect to pay around a G with shipping. You could have someone make you one blended into the console CLS style for half that price. You just gotta find someone who knows what they are doing. :giggity:
  20. ExecutiveKoala187

    ExecutiveKoala187 New Member

    ^ word on that, The garson ones are like 7,000 yen or something like that and with dealer mark up and shipping prb over a g. But you can get them for all platforms I believe cause how diff can the rear seats be, well mabe some of the Ucf's are diff but q45 are similar? Also couldnt anyone who makes sub boxes do it also kinda the same thing if I had to guess.

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