which coilovers for 2000q45t have you used?

Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by locke318, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. locke318

    locke318 New Member

    Anyone used anything besides JIC? how were they, should i jus go JIC?

  2. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    Insurance Group coilovers. One Ton garage can get them. They are very good quality and ride almost like stock. They have like 15 dampening settings and I have mine set at 12 front and rear. Very nice.
  3. lash56

    lash56 New Member

    i have insurance group also.. love em...
  4. locke318

    locke318 New Member

    how do i get in contact with van from one on garage? thanks
  5. VI IX

    VI IX Active Member

  6. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    could also try lock smice as well

    Much Respect.

    Take Care.
  7. burgy

    burgy New Member

    I would get insurance, but I am installing JIC Y32's on mine here shortly...
  8. locke318

    locke318 New Member

    hmm, let me know how u like them, aren't the VIP model JIC the only ones that suit the proper weight of the usdm q45?

    anyone know if the insurance coilovers are set for us specs?
  9. 33flavors

    33flavors VSC Super Moderator

    im on insurance as well, there was some nice aimgain's going on YAJ for like 1900 and buddy club on upgarage for 1900 but you have to figure shipping into the equation. JIC's in the states are a grip. id say insurance for about 2200 but i remember van saying that they are going up to about 2500 back when i was inquiring..GL
  10. lash56

    lash56 New Member

    i believe locksmice only makes suskit for toyota. correct me if im wrong
  11. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    I thought Grant had a set on his Y, or was selling a set.

    IDK, I'm probably wrong :pat:

    Much Respect.

    Take Care.

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