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Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by luda42688, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. luda42688

    luda42688 New Member

    Sup guys, I recently picked up my uncles 98 lexus gs400 in PRESTINE condition with only 40,000 miles on her and always garaged. Well anyway, as far as major mods go, im not sure where to begin. I would love to get some air ride suspension on her but i love the ride it has already and not sure if i want to screw it up. If I do i would use the stock shocks and was thinking about the UAS group buy for only 2 grand :) The fall back to the air ride is im from boston and thise being my daily driver, in the winter ive heard of bags poppin due to the freezing cold and was wondering if anyone knew about this?

    Also after that, since I already have 17" chrome factory wheels on, I'd like to take a little time and find the right VIP wheel for me although i have plenty of time to wait on that.

    After that would be a nice lip kit or body kit for her. I used to be an autobody tech so i have all the connects for that and do all the work for it but i still got time till i decide what kit to get.

    As for the little mods, I would like to get some eye lids, then pick up some curtains and neck pads but not sure what to get since i got tan interior i duno what would match.

    Thats it for all and thanks for reading and any comments or info you can send my way would be great.... i love the VIP style
  2. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    Welcome:biggthumpup:, I haven't heard of a lot of bags popping from the winter, but people that have the aus air will chime in i'm sure. but first thing is first I would lower her then get rims with a nice offset maybe some neg camber, tint windows, etc... but just doing the right stance with the right wheels will put you ahead of the game.

    Oh, lets see some pics with whatcha work'n wit.

    Take Care.

  3. twinturbo_vip

    twinturbo_vip New Member

    damn thats a sweet deal for a 98 with only 40 on the ticker. you should just save up untill some new lips and rims come out. wait till a company releases them and be one of the first to throw it on there. having bodyshop experience will make it look hotter too. ive got some connects in the body industry and damn does it save thousands.
  4. OG

    OG Active Member

    1) suspension
    2) wheels
    3) everything else
  5. arpham

    arpham New Member

    I agree ^^
  6. SoCalSC4

    SoCalSC4 New Member

    ^ Agreeing with these guys.

    Congrats on the new ride. It doesn't sound like you're ready to
    commit on a full VIP conversion. Drive the car and enjoy it for a while.
    Then do suspension, wheels, etc. Stuff like eyelids (which I am not
    a fan of) and visors, etc., should be added last - otherwise it'll look
    like you had $150 to spend on eBay and you went nuts...
  7. Gao Jian

    Gao Jian VSC Super Moderator

    ^^^ I have to agree. Hold off of the little stuff and save up for the some nice wheels and airride then you have have the drop you always wanted and the comfort on the road.
  8. luda42688

    luda42688 New Member

    Thanks for the response guys and i think ill take your words for it and wait a little while then go with bags and wheels. :) I got some pics but they are off my blackberry and dont do justice but here they are anyway...

    and a pic of the engine... this is so friggen clean :)

    and heres some of my old ride that im trying to sell....

    playing in the snow [​IMG]
  9. OG

    OG Active Member

    looks squeaky clean.
  10. luda42688

    luda42688 New Member

    thank you... so does anyone know about bags popping in cold temps or anything. I tried searching and i was going to post the question in the uas faq page because that would be the proper place to ask but i obv cant post there yet.
  11. Gao Jian

    Gao Jian VSC Super Moderator

    Car is looking clean man. You could eat off the engine. I posted your question in the UAS FAQ page for you with a link to this thread asking them to let you know. Hope that helps you decided what kind of suspension setup you are going to run.
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  12. LuckyBoyOne3

    LuckyBoyOne3 New Member

    Bags don't typically "pop" from freezing temps though the rubber can become brittle and tear, the colder it gets the less pliable the rubber becomes, add very wet conditions and frozen water on the bags over night and the rubbers life expectancy dramatically drops, up here in the northwest we just garage em.

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