What's a good air freshener?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Benji, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. lowlyfey34

    lowlyfey34 New Member

    little trees "new car" scent is all i run
  2. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    Reminds me to get some...I have 3 running at the vents...one is caput. The other 2 have stalled and seems have not been eva.porating ....

    BLKVIP Member

    sure its been covered. Tree From Squash is legit the only one youll ever buy. Glare's fresh squash is also very good.

    tree frog also gave me a free sample of apple will try soon and let yall know
  4. volkgt7

    volkgt7 New Member

  5. burgy

    burgy New Member

    The Wife's
  6. Devil27

    Devil27 New Member

    i try these out for my car. they do have a nice subtle smell to them, but they dont last long at all
  7. 4DGS

    4DGS New Member

    Morning fresh by little tree

    Got all my friends hooked on them lol

  8. WpgCima

    WpgCima New Member

    puzzy :dance:
  9. LakersVIP

    LakersVIP Member

    Man that looks so bomb hahaha
  10. "that boy asad"

    "that boy asad" New Member

    I have been trying to get a hold of the Glare Carall Volume Squash, but found out the manufacture has discontinued it... Out of the Fine Squash and Water Squash - Which is better?!
  11. SWGrinda

    SWGrinda New Member

    Fine Squash is better.
  12. RhafikNUA7

    RhafikNUA7 New Member

    i use the orginal JDM sqaush LOL
  13. BLKVIP

    BLKVIP Member

    tree frogs apple is awesome! used my sample and ordered the normal size.

    currently useing tree frogs under seat type in marine, nice fresh clean scent.
  14. yxuxmadddd

    yxuxmadddd New Member

    Where'd you get the sample from?
  15. RhafikNUA7

    RhafikNUA7 New Member

    jdm air spencer squash best hands down.. lol
  16. RhafikNUA7

    RhafikNUA7 New Member

    the little tree black something is pretty good too
  17. BLKVIP

    BLKVIP Member

    tree frog sent it lol but they sell the normal size in apple as well

  18. jimmysarit

    jimmysarit New Member

    Black ice has always been my favorite from little tree brand
  19. -=bBb=-

    -=bBb=- Member

    sorry guys, newbee has a question , i know its a 5 years old thread but it still provides so much information :)
    im just curious where you guys put the can / bottle of the air freshener, i never ever seen in VIP mag or in this forum, can / bottle on the dashboard or anywhere that i can see.. do they hide it? or they just don't want to show it in the picts?

    I thank you in advance :)
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  20. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    I always place mine under the driver seat. When I used to put it in the cupholder, it was sometimes too strong.

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