What's a good air freshener?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Benji, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    Holy Hell that place seems over priced.
  2. ( . )_( . )

    ( . )_( . ) New Member

    does that site sell the real stuff? if so it priced at a good price compare to wat we pay here in canada, i paid $20.00 for the CS-X3 Squash Scented Air Spencer last time.

    MAX_POWERS New Member

    Yes, it's legit. I buy my squash refills from that site. I just started using Wonder Wafers new leather scent, smells good.
  4. luisfrias

    luisfrias New Member

    la chica fresa ...its strawberry scent tht last forever ...its hard to find tho...
  5. Benji

    Benji VSC Super Moderator

    So i was lurking on a detailer forum about cleaning a conditioning leather and I noticed most of the detailers say their customers preferred a new car smell or new leather smell instead of a citrus or fruity smell? What do you guys prefer? I honestly wouldn't mind hopping into my car if it smelled like the leather was fresh.
  6. 02ACTcLean

    02ACTcLean New Member

    Squash FTW... at mitsuwa japanese market
  7. iSuxeL

    iSuxeL New Member

    Hands down squash!

  8. burgy

    burgy New Member

    New leather...like a rich mans study, or an pimped out hunting lodges smoking room before it was smoked in....

    But after a decade of pro ball, I guess I am still biased to the smell of a new baseball glove...haha
  9. staytuned05

    staytuned05 New Member

    any good fresheners that are comparable to the Junction Produce ones? i saw one that said Rolls Royce Phantom smell. cant find anywhere that sells it though, and they didnt get back to me. and ALL leather smelling ones i found in pep boys, wal mart, etc dont smell like new car leather.

    also, i just ordered the Squash on Ebay for $11 shipped. it was the one with the box that has limes, not the splashy water. from air spencer.
  10. staytuned05

    staytuned05 New Member

    my first post... testing haha
  11. BLKVIP

    BLKVIP Member

    giga aftershower, by far best iv used has a awesome sent, a fresh clean legit aftershower smell, lol had crystal sent by air Spencer it's ok but highly recommond the aftershower
  12. TastefullyDone

    TastefullyDone New Member

    I love the smooth cologne "shiny jewel" smells like a hot ass chick jumped out of the shower and into your car, lol that hows the homies explained it and to be honest it's right on point. Unfortunately they're expensive (8.99 here in west la) and don't last to save their life
  13. BLKVIP

    BLKVIP Member

  14. Mr.Doback

    Mr.Doback New Member

    just picked up 3 of these locally for $10....:giggity:

  15. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    Besides having a long expensive night, when is sum 1 gonna come out with a stripper scent....lmfao!!

  16. jj702s1

    jj702s1 New Member

    Damn, myshaldan's around here in Vegas at the asian stores are $2.50 each. The non-asain stores and car wash places sells them for $5-6 bucks.
  17. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    Honestly, as good as some of the 'jdm' scents are, Little Trees Vanillaroma and Coconut are still my favourites.

    The Miata smells ****ing good.
  18. a.blanco0905

    a.blanco0905 New Member

    I've tried Yankee candle & glade car fresheners, they're pretty good but the glade ones dont last long...
  19. 5t341tH

    5t341tH New Member

    i also like these. just picked up 4 of em for 10 bucks
  20. Xanadu Auto Sports

    Xanadu Auto Sports New Member

    Carall Vrabis

    Carall Squash. Any squash scent by Carall.
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