What turned you to the VIP scene?

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by JDizz, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    just thought id add a pic

  2. ClutchOne

    ClutchOne Member

    I Really just wanted some Ramen he had in the Back...

    I have always known about Vipp Culture and I Knew I would get More into Vipp Lifestyle but for a while I just Kept Putting It Off while Building a Silvia, but then I went to Nisei Week a long time ago and talked to Ron from Team SuperStar and seen his Q45 in Person... Let me tell you these Pictures below doesnt do this Car Justice. So from then I started Really Studying Vipp Harder than Ever Before and Saving for my Own True Platform.

    Here is Video of It...

    The Noodles Video

    Pics I Took from that Day at Nisei...

    ~My VIP Best of Show~

    and a Rolling Shot I found on www.NWP4Life.com

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  3. jrdrgz

    jrdrgz New Member

    that is one of the hottest cars i've seen.
  4. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Damn you guys are all getting into it so recently...

    When i first saw vip it looked like this. And i loved it!


    But I didnt have the knowlege or the money to get into it properly. When these new standard fender cars came out i got really annoyed because i thought they were taming down a mad style... But it soon grew on me too...
  5. VIPstatus671

    VIPstatus671 Guest

    the cars from JP, wald,etc...got me into it. i was still in middle school when i submerged myself with VIP stylings
  6. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    yeah ive loved this style for the passed 4 years or so. still wanted to finish up my integra so i never really looked into it too much. i should have gotten out of the hondas alot sooner :pat:
  7. ClutchOne

    ClutchOne Member

    I will be Mild Until Bodywork...

    The Pics you Posted Above is Exactly how My Build is Headed... Most of my Body Work will be Custom Fabbed and my Aim is Oldskool Bozed Out... :drool:
  8. moosejuice

    moosejuice New Member

    With me it was within thw last couple years, even though I don't drive vip or even vip styled at this time.

    No cars in perticular just the style itself...

  9. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    when i got a korean girlfriend who couldnt stand my s13's cage raddling everywhere.:shrug:......no jk...it was actually by total accident...i had eurolines on my s13. thought they look cool...wrecked my s13...went on craiglist...looked for a car in my price range cuz i was in dying need of one...this one fit my budget..and i got it. lowered it on the eurolines and found out i was in a whole new game
  10. the head

    the head Guest

    I have been into a ton of scenes throughout the years and many simultaniously because of my love of all types of vehicles, wandered here from another forum due to the build of a beautiful white Jag, was not sure what I would find but after seeing the Fabulous RX I think I have some inspiration to do up my X5 in a similar manner
  11. Cedric

    Cedric New Member

    Well I've always had "race cars" I guess you would say, a couple RB swapped 240's, a couple 400+hp DSM's, a few swapped Hondas, and I still have my RX7, as with any car like that they all rode like ass, had no AC, were constantly always breaking down etc. etc. so after the last time the motor in my RX7 blew I ended saying screw it I want a nice car for once, and since I had always loved clean VIP style car, I parked the RX7, as it sits now in my driveway lol. Then began the test so off I went looking for a car. Origionally I started looking for an IS300 but then I saw my Cedric and it was love at first sight haha. Thats my story.
  12. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    buillshit, you need to sell my yourcedric in two years
  13. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    wiat, you got best of show VIP with NO FOGLIGHTS?

    where was this at, maybe i can win with a missing sideskirt
  14. Cedric

    Cedric New Member

    haha no thanks, I love this car!
  15. barr8600

    barr8600 New Member

    importtuner article keppin it gangsta, Ihad a 95 civic hatch, started doing my homework on VIP's, ended up here and finally settled on an q45t 97, sold the civic and bought the Q
  16. _j sports. Legend

    _j sports. Legend New Member

    i've done the whole JDM scene. I still have my DA but think of it as a toy/weekend track warrior only. I can't drive it daily. I purchased a CB7 and tried to VIP/JDM the car with a few parts. that went well for a awhile. I just didn't see myself driving an accord. Sold it and finally jumped into the odd side of the VIP car scene the KA9. I was originally gonna purchase a GS300 Aristo or a 97 BMW M3 but I see too many out on the road already. I guess I wanna build different and to not leave the Honda family behind.
  17. Grant H

    Grant H Guest

    In a word
    i guess thats a name but you get the idea.
  18. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

    Anyone remember a japanese magazine from the early 90's "BIG SEDAN". I saw Win Corporations Y33 FORTE kit. It burned an image in my brain. LOL. I can't find any pictures online but I have the mag still. LOL
  19. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    a friend of mine still has a bunch of those magazines...he used to be the only person around here that sold japanese accessories.
  20. OG

    OG Active Member

    LMAO! WTF?

    i was doin my usual nerdy thing, lookin for ideas on how to build my car and set it apart from the rest of the community i was/am in. i've always been about clean and low so it worked for me. except for the fact that i'm just a wanna-be w/ a non-platform.:smiley-rofl:

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