What is this? (Y34)

Discussion in 'Infiniti/Nissan' started by JamesVee, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. JamesVee

    JamesVee New Member

    Checking everything over and I noticed this plug not connected. It's under the air intake, between it and the block. Should this be connected? What does it do?


  2. Slo N Lo Benzo

    Slo N Lo Benzo New Member

    There's a 2 wire plug that plugs into it. There's also another on opposite side of engine, wires go thru inner fender well. Looks like for abs, haven't tracked it all the way tho. Later.
  3. JamesVee

    JamesVee New Member

    Cool, thanks. If you figure it out, please reply.
  4. StockStar

    StockStar New Member

    The red and green cable seems to be legitimacy placed in your pic compared to mine. That green & red cable runs through that black plastic conduit with a hint of black electrical style tape


    The other end of this cable is brown & white in color with a black jacket housing both cables. It runs inside a wall that contains the left/driver side strut from what I can see.
    It looks like you are missing the female cap that compliments the brown and white portion of the cable. OS sensor?

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  5. lowlyfey34

    lowlyfey34 New Member

    looks like the wheel speed sensor.....should route inside the strut tower down to the knuckle....
  6. JamesVee

    JamesVee New Member

    That might be why I'm looking at an ABS, VDC, and Slip light.
  7. hlj1215

    hlj1215 New Member

    why not just dis connect it and start up the car and see what the CEL tells you? then connect back the connectors clear the codes
  8. openthrottle

    openthrottle New Member

    sure is.

    I had to replace both of mine ha. not a cheap part by all means.

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