What color for my JP table?

Discussion in 'Interior' started by infini, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. infini

    infini New Member

    Gonna contact JP myself. They they don't respond well than everyone loses.
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  2. kingpin

    kingpin New Member

  3. infini

    infini New Member

  4. infini

    infini New Member

    Got any pics??????
  5. infini

    infini New Member

    Pretty sure I am going to get the light Grey Leather one. I found out DAD has light Grey leather neck rests. Might as well keep a theme going with a could of white JP accents.
  6. 4drferio

    4drferio New Member

    woood grain table
  7. infini

    infini New Member

    Ended up getting the light Grey leather w/ chrome trim. He no going back now :)
  8. infini

    infini New Member

    Should have it in about 10 days. I already got the DAD Light Grey Leather Neck pads. They looks very nice :biggthumpup: and definitely are my first steps for the light Grey leather Theme. Here is a hint why I got the Light Grey leather table :)


    Sorry had too :) Love it lol! Not sure what to do with the Fusa and all though. I really love the style but am going pretty all out DAD.
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  9. Phaze2_mizzark

    Phaze2_mizzark New Member

    +1 on the wood grain..
  10. infini

    infini New Member

    The light grey leather one was so horrible looking that I got the wood grain one coming I think next week. They were so cool about it.

    If the wood grain matches enough (I PRAY) than I will post pics.
  11. infini

    infini New Member

    I got the table. Wood Cole is not erfect but looks good. Will post pics in the morning.
  12. infini

    infini New Member

    If you have not already seen it here are a couple of shots :)

    Night time with LED overhead lamp.

    Natural Light

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