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    Well, I suppose its time I logoff from here. It seems this forum as a whole is happy with mediocrity, and Im not honestly interested in watching people receive accolades for nothing. There are a few top notch builds here, but many more are.. well nothing. Seems most here are willing to spend good money on wheels and suspension (although creativity certainly isn't there) and some bodykit.. but the interior is considered "done" with some cheap, godawful seat covers and a few laughably tacky "pillows", and spray painted leather, etc.. or even worse... stock. Ya nothing says vip like 20 yr old factory crap. Stereo straight outta best buy... stock motor.. if this is "done", im afraid im on the right forum.

    That said, there are some good guys, and good builds here. To you I say.. keep on keepin on guys!

    To the rest.. strive to do better. Please.

    That said, im not well liked here, and im sure I wont be missed. Thats ok. But please, take what I say to heart. If what ive said offends you.. you're likely one of em.

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    i sorta feel that way here in okinawa where i live. there used to be a strive for super nice vip stuff, but with the economy the way it is no one seems to be striving for nice shit anymore and content with just okay... i know good shit is expensive and maybe not everyone has the money or time to go all out these days, but at least fix your shit thats broken and patch up the holes in your fenders and touch up the paint that has flaked and chipped off before moving on to other stuff ;)

    i hate to be that guy and jumping on visitor's side but i i kinda see where you are coming from and am standing somewhere in the middle of you and the rest of the gang... there are a lot of nice builds on here, but i'm not one to give a ribbon of participation to everyone just so someone doesn't feel bad,, YOU GOTTA EARN YOUR PARTICIPATION RIBBON IN MY EYES ;)
  3. TLontheDL

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    Good luck to you.
  4. MoWGLi

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    People should do up their cars any way they feel. If you don't feel the "quality" here is worth sticking around for, may I suggest www.luxury4play.com
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    happy trails, we'll be here when you come lurk the forum.
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    Searched your name, didn't find a build thread on here but whatever you drive must be pretty amazing to be clowning on the builds on here.
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    What's good or bad is in the eyes of the owner. Just because someone doesn't have a $600 jp crystal fusa or a $900 dad cabinet doesn't make their car less impressive. I am more impressed with the guy who paints his interior with leather dye himself, makes his own tables or even in the squad one ls430's case makes their own body kit in their garage then the guy who throws hundreds around for someone else to do that work. Taking pride in your build and shedding the blood sweat tears to make the build yours deserves wsy more props in my eyes. Hey visitor if you want to throw a kiddy fit because people use seat covers then good riddance to you. But to call people's builds "mediocre" because they took the time and hard work to do it themselves? That just shows what kind of person you really are.
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    .....just saying but even total replacement leather seats like those from L-Tide or Clazzio are actually "covers". =)

    I can see his point, but to a certain extent. I do appreciate those who have the talent and drive to mod their own cars.....but I've also seen some of those "DIY" mods come out pretty bad, so it's a fine line. I've posted less on this forum for awhile because in prior months I saw an increase of what I call "elite-ism" where some members not only look down on the more "budget" builds, but also are downright rude. I've always modded my cars to my taste, and yes, with some input from my sponsors........but in the end, it's your car and you're the owner. The only thing I do not appreciate with some builds are using "knock-off" or "eBay" type items. So to that extent, I'm a little snobbish, but that's just how I feel about using quality products. You can still mod with quality products on a budget....... I think those new to the scene (whatever "the scene" is these days....) can gain a lot of knowledge here. Actually, I wish in my early days I had source for information like this forum provides instead of making costly errors myself. :sad:
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    this dude is a jackass. the only reason he's saying shit about interiors is because that's his line of work and he wanted everyone to just blindly bow down without ANYTHING to back it up. no solid information, no build, no nothing. then he has his little "life changing" event and does some half ass co-signing for a couple months, then right back to jackass. guess it wasn't all that life changing after all...

    you wanna talk down on people's builds then put up or shut up. what you got? show us some of your work. or are you scared that everyone will disrespect you/you're work the same way you've disrespected them? or does your work really just consist of measuring yards off a roll and cutting in a straight line? if you had something to show you would, but you don't so you compare what's in your head to what's in someone else's driveway. doesn't work like that homie.

    i know my builds aint shit, but they're mine and i have enjoyed every single one of them at one point or another. every modification represents hard work that i put in to research, fund, and aquire what i wanted. you don't like it? oh fuckin' well. i imagine that less than 1% of the builds on here are considered complete by the people who matter; the owner's. we all work at our own pace with our own limitations and our own goals.

    i see hack job 1 off mods from cats who like to act like they're runnin' shit all the time.

    good ridance.
  12. mrbrian8

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    Damn Mike that was a perfect response.
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    But why is he even mad hahaha this shit gets me everytime

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    A couple of you guys said it well but I'll throw in my 2¢

    Take it from someone who has been trolling the forum daily for 5 years now with only a couple hundred posts.
    The fact that there are 30 nice-try builds to every well-done build make the good builds that much more special IMO.

    Also, good luck finding a forum on the interweb that doesn't have a bunch of crap you have to sift through to find the good stuff that you really want to see.
    That's just the nature of online forums, and life in general, haha.

    Also, what did you want your exit statement to accomplish? Just leave and find another place to participate in.

    later dood.
  16. sojah

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    i completely agree with this ^ ^ ^,, there is so much crap out on the car forums these days i found it refreshing when i stumbled upon VSC. good luck finding much better stuff,, let me know if you find what you are looking for ;)
  17. ~~sperm~bomb~~

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    Well sometimes I get frustrated when I come on here and look for updates on builds that I like to find nothing new. I say to myself "Damn this is one slow ass forum"
    But then I think about all the hard work, time and money that it takes to accomplish a really nice build. So what do you want from everyone? Quantity or quality? Or both? If you want quantity go over to club lexus and you can see a hundred cars with wheels and a drop. If you want quality you come here. If you want both youre living in a dream world.I cant even remember the last time I went on club lexus but I will take VSC over that any day of the week.
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    haha, see ya. My car is whatever, the interior is less than 10 years old (sorry, it's not a crappy 20 year old interior) and the condition is spotless. I also don't care that much about it, I love the outside, and to me, it's going to be hard to improve my seats since they're heated and cooled, and I love the cooled part. I'm in Japan right now though, and if I do make any change to my seats, it will be to ditch the leather and do cloth. I love all the super plush cloth they have here.

    Anyhow, people who have such high opinions of themselves, with nothing but talk, and just can't deal with the fact that everyone has different taste or diretion, don't belong on Internet forums anyhow cause they will never see things that live up to their imaginary expectaitions.

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