Way back.....Old school air freshener

Discussion in 'Interior' started by 1_VIPd_LS, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. 1_VIPd_LS

    1_VIPd_LS New Member

    Any one remember those crown air fresheners?...I found some real cheap on ebay...LOL I just wanted to go back when American VIP...LOL was toyota corrolas with plush looking roofs and 15" gold wires...everybody had one of these things in the back.
  2. Dominik

    Dominik VSC Super Moderator

    Nope... dont remember... Care to show some pics?

    I think the American vip you are talking about is just lowrider euro style :)
  3. 1_VIPd_LS

    1_VIPd_LS New Member

    Well I was beeing funny and sarcastic about the American VIP, thats what all the old dudes that remanisssss call it now all of a sudden.

    Heres a link but I guess you just had to be around in the "RIGHT" area to see em...I think they are funny I just ordered one...:thumbsup: pic on me all you want I dont care Ive been loved and Ive been hated enough to block it out...LOL

  4. vip tint+glass

    vip tint+glass Active Member

    i had the gold crown air freshener in my first integra
  5. gsoucy

    gsoucy New Member

    Man that's awesome I want 10 of them!!! :dance:

    No, but it's seriously funny, I think I'll get one for my cavalier :p
  6. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    ghetto...but i remember. Do you really want to sport that?
  7. 1_VIPd_LS

    1_VIPd_LS New Member

    Honestly.....not in a seriouse way...lol

    I actually thought people would remember seeing them......everybody had one in my City....

    i got one tho just to show my friends and laugh a bit...they dont smell much tho, stupid things.......
  8. rreenncc

    rreenncc New Member

    Ahhh memories, yah my dad used to have one.
    Talkin bout this one right?
  9. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    do you hang CDs off ur rear view mirror? sticker of a cow on ur door? Thats what this kinda reminds me off...well along those lines.
  10. 1_VIPd_LS

    1_VIPd_LS New Member

    Are you like void of any sense of humore...cause thats what that remark reminds me of...no I dont put cd's hanging from my mirror, no I dont have pictures of cows....wtf,... I never saw pictures of cows...cow print but not cows....did you have to remove one recently from your turnk or something.....is that what you remaniss about...."ahhh I remember those days cow steering wheel cover, cow seats, cow antenna ball....Paula Abdule cd shimmering".....GET REAL ITS A JOKE...it was 2 dollars!!!!

    Yup thats it.......mine came allready and we just laughed for houres about it...we took pics in my car just for fun then my friend gave it to his pops and he put it in his bathroom next to the putter Virgin Marry......oOh and the gansters' for life chrome sign thingy that went on the back deck like on the Impalas....LOL....
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  11. knightryder

    knightryder New Member

    Does anyone remember the stickers of "Jesus" that they would put on the front headlights, or the long rear view mirror that would hang across the front windshield, it had something like 8 rear view mirrors at an angle?..lol
  12. JMAX

    JMAX New Member

    would look good on a JP themed car... lol, man I remember...
  13. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    Those are gangsta!!

    on another note: People need to chill...stop taking yourselves so serious :)
  14. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    Man oh man those bring back memories !!!! The 5 and 6 panel WINK mirrors!!!!!and the crown air fresheners!!! It seamed like all the the Mexican's (NO Offense ment by this!!) had one on thier dashboards!!! and the Vietnamese ( Again No Offensse ) had the white furry cats or the tissue boxes in the rear windows!!!! @ one time I think I had all of those on my Sentra before I sold it to my best friend!!!LMAOROL!!!! WOW are we considered old????
  15. gato

    gato Active Member

    those were the shiznt back in the day!

    I was rollin 15x10 gold D's on candy green flaked mustang with a phantom top:eek: .......I'm gonna have to dig that pic up:p
  16. 1_VIPd_LS

    1_VIPd_LS New Member

    I can finaly share this ....LOL[​IMG] It only lasted about 5 minutes.....Then I just had to give it away....LOL. Now its a air frehsiner for a bath room.
  17. 808UCF

    808UCF New Member

    Wow!!! NO comment on those.... I've never seen that before.... I must've been too young for this.
  18. 1_VIPd_LS

    1_VIPd_LS New Member

    HAHA, that whole thing was only a joke but they were pretty traditional around my way circa 86-89.
  19. c2ispy

    c2ispy New Member

    THAT is damn right old school!! I remember those hahaaha
  20. VIPFlame

    VIPFlame Member

    old school had one of those on my old tercel!!! :WOOT :WOOT

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