Warning - Black Pearl sells junk body kits

Discussion in 'Vendor Sales' started by sojah, May 16, 2015.

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    I can't believe no one else has mentioned this yet, unless somehow i am the only unlucky person so far.

    1. I ordered a complete Black Pearl (BP) body kit through my car shop here in Okinawa Japan. The shop placed the order directly with BP, which is what I preferred so then if anything is wrong the shop will be the ones to speak (in Japanese) to the company BP. BP said it would take 4 weeks.

    2. The kit arrived week 5 (Okinawa is like 1-2 days shipping away from BP's shop) since it was made to order and that is how long it took apparently.

    3. The kit was missing the led's and the side mirror blinker covers that were all supposed to be included in the order (they were all paid for in full; cash at the time of order). After the shop called them they said 2 more weeks for the missing parts.

    4. 3 weeks later the missing parts arrive.

    5. After a typhoon and a few nasty weather days the shop goes to do the body kit install. so they finally unwrap everything and set it all out. They noticed there were a few parts that were cracked and chipped and called BP back which said it must have happened in route.

    6. The kit was not even close to a direct bolt-on. The shop called BP again and BP said that a heat gun and sander were normal to fit their kits.

    7. After a few hours of using a heat gun and sander the shop was able to remove the extra inch of material from the front left side of the front bumper just below the headlight and get it to sit almost flush. The fitment is still not factory new flush like I would prefer but what can you do.

    8. The rear bumper seems like it is almost 1/2 inch to narrow and needed lots of heat and stretching to wrap it all around and make it fit.

    9. The rear center LED light in the lower rear part of the rear bumper requires cutting of the inner metal bumper bar to fit it.

    i just want to say that no where on BP's beautiful website did it say anything about modding and time required to fit their kits. no where did it mention cutting up your metal bumper bar to allow the LED light to sit in. for a reputable company this was some BS. BTW the kit was around $3k for everything on sale and if you add the shipping to the US it would have been $4,000 with the sale price so this was not a budget kit at all, and it was purchased and ordered directly from their company.

    there are a ton of knock off's of this kit floating around YAJ and even on UpGarage but i decided to get the real one from the actual company and pay more. now i wish i had saved some money and gone with a knock off version. actually i wish i had picked a more professional company and not these silly suit wearing goons that i met at the Osaka AutoShow who are supposedly the owners of this company. next year i want to give them a piece of my mind and show up with some of my other osaka friends [​IMG] but i digress...

    just want to get the word out for anyone considering a kit from BlackPearl. Save your money and the hassle, especially if you live in the US or cannot speak fluent Japanese to argue with them when your order is screwed up. this company is a joke.
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    My boys kit came and he had it painted we put it on in my garage with no fitment issues. Sorry to hear all the drama your dealing with, and im surprised it still took so long since you are much closer to them ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1431741189.859945.jpg

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    so no fitment issues at all, just a direct plug and play if you will? who did he order it from, directly from BP or through a 3rd party reseller? i had my car shop here go directly to BP so i am really surprised this happened to me.

    wonder if this is why i have seen all of like 3 majesta's with this BP kit. the majesta is a JDM vehicle only and sells in really low numbers even for Japan. not sure if this has anything to do with it or not. that LS looks pretty slick though.

    and as for the length of time it took, it surprised me as well since i am 1000 miles south of Tokyo and a day boat ride or 3 hour plane flight away. they said it was made to order and the majesta was not a popularly sold kit of theirs so they had to make it which was 1 month + shipping. BP said this was their first kit ever sold to Okinawa and i almost feel like they feel this place is not a market they care about or think will have any effect on their sales. Okinawa is below average in the poverty department; we are sort of like the dirty south of Japan.

    BP's customer service or lack their of is reminiscent of a company that doesn't give a F about anyone but themselves.
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    Not sure who bud, but it was la vendor, and it bolted on without issue, even his aimgain fenders didn't need any work, this is honestly the first time i have heard of a name brand kit needing work from Japan, could be the rarity of your car but thats a shitty excuse. Don't sell it if you cant stand by the quality your known for.

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  6. sojah

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    i agree
  7. Wow, I ordered a BP kit for a 3GS/460 :/
  8. YaKuZa_GS

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    does the kit have any BP markings on the inside? I think they sold you a replica

    Show a picture of the front bumper
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  9. sojah

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    ya, i verified yesterday it had the emblems... just a crappy mold or a crappy company, not entirely sure which yet. i just hope these guys can fix their shit in the future.
  10. sojah

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    it still came out decent, just required madd work and BP wasn't helpful at all thus far. just saw it bout to be mounted and it was still very sexy. here are some pics :D

    still a work in progress this is beta version 0.9 :D gonna have them spray the front bumper mesh grill inserts black to match as well as some other stuff turned black in the back... stay tuned.


  11. NELSON09

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    glad it worked out, and I love those wheels! make em work!
  12. airmax

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    lead time sounds right for any made to order kit.

    sucks you had to go through all the trouble. you would think a kit with a low production numbers (as new as this model) would not be warped or would be in better condition. i dont mean to be an ass but i hope this is an isolated incident.
  13. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    lead time sounds right for any made to order kit.

    sucks you had to go through all the trouble. you would think a kit with a low production numbers (as new as this model) would not be warped or would be in better condition. i dont mean to be an ass but i hope this is an isolated incident.
  14. sojah

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    thanks all. i never thought 19's would be so hard to get right on this car. it seems like 20's would have been easier since i prefer to ride with a little tire showing as possible. if i ride like that on these 19's with these tires sizes the belly of the car is like 2" off the ground and not ideal for a lot of driving situations where i am at. so either 19's and a quickly adjustable air susp or 20's and a non quickly adjustable air susp would be good.
  15. VIPStyleCars

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    We had some figment issues on the few that we brought in and had installed. Honestly, I was expecting it but then again I always expect body kits to not fit perfectly. Ours was pretty off but not as bad as the one you posted.

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