Want to change Truck Carpet color

Discussion in 'Interior' started by MDSC, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. MDSC

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    How do i go about doing this, car is tan inside trunk area is grey carpet. I just finished sinking the 5 gallon air tank and setting up air compressors behind the tank facing each other. It looks clean but the grey is killing me. Somone told me i can have it professionaly redyed but it dosent sound quality to me. I understand that i can just make the trunk mat carpet no problem but what about the formed carpet that covers sides and gas tank inside the trunk?
  2. Juzzo

    Juzzo VSC Super Moderator

    You can always flock those bits to match your floor mats, or glue on new fabric...
  3. a.blanco0905

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    1. You can dye the actual carpet any color you want... diy or some bodyshops do this.
    2. You can suede the trunk -it's actually pretty easy, especially on such an open area w/o corners... this is what I'd do, I hv a very high end black trunk mat in my car so no need for me to do it.
    3. You can hv an upholstery shop replace the carpet with another carpet at any color...
    4. Have it sprayed to match your car, lol...

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