VIPStyle engine bay?

Discussion in 'Engine Modifications' started by infini, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. speedaddict

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    I guess I never posted mine in this thread...


  2. BAHC

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  3. firelizard

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    Hard to top that.

    I like Gravity430's as inspiration for mine though. I love the Lexus 3UZ engine cover.
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  4. YaKuZa_GS

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    I'll share since I'm such a noob ;)

  5. NostalgicHiro

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    In the 90's when I had my Minitruck we used to make custom moulded engine covers with FRP and colour code them or airbrush them. I really like the wood grain effect plastics I've seen on some VIP style builds too aswell as tastful chrome or polishing all looks good to me.
  6. G-Dirty

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    where can I buy the carbon fiber parts like yours??
  7. Myerssemy

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    VIPStyle engine bay

    Im looking for some where to get my engine reconditioned, around North Yorkshire area any ideas? Thanks

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