VIP Shops (Parts and Rims)?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jubei07, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. jubei07

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    Is it me or does VIP or JDM shops seem limited? I feel trapped sometimes, searching the internet (for parts and rims) and always ending up at the same places. Here's my list:

    Is there more out there? If so please post websites you know of with VIP parts or rims. Thanks
  2. antbo

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  3. swifty949

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    please explain what you mean by "vip shops."

    There are plenty of shops that sell Japanese parts. You can go to shops like Intense Motorsports, SP Engineering and others to get suspension, wheels, aero.
  4. JDMFairlady21

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    i think he means shops that mainly specialize in JDM VIP parts
  5. antbo

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    he said "vip OR jdm shops". besides takumiproject is on his list. they dont specialize in VIP
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    Under Construction, working hard to finish up.
    We're going to be offering VIP parts, JDM parts, Performance parts, and Mobile Electronics.

    We are an Authorized dealer for:
    Junction Produce

    Other brands we offer:
    Many many others.....

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