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  1. Midway-VIP

    Midway-VIP New Member

    wow that sucks
  2. ucf10916

    ucf10916 New Member

    haha daamn.. yeah hella people said they seen me on the news and shit haha. yeah i only had liability, but idk about the city, hopefully they cash me out. i gotta call on monday.

    i might possibly part it out, or im going to try to flip it on craigslist if anyone is interested, give me an offer. most likely going to be buying a new white hood so it`ll look legit. all that needs fixing now is the sunroof.
  3. VIP-UCF

    VIP-UCF Active Member

    that was you on the news with the long hair? haaha...seen that shit...

    MELOMEL New Member

    Youtube link anyone?
  5. JITb

    JITb New Member

    dam... i vote for a convertible conversion!
  6. ucf10916

    ucf10916 New Member


    MELOMEL New Member

    Aftermath didnt look too bad in the vid
    you on the other hand look like a major pot head!
  8. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    I was about to say the damage doesnt look to bad! Id gamble you were able to drive away from that mess
  9. leegs300

    leegs300 New Member

    hey, is the city going to pay? if not i would get a lawyer and file a law suit.... someone has to pay ..if it is on a city owned street then city has to pay.. if it isn't then the Appt/ association has to pay.. i would consider switching insurance after this dilemma .... good luck bro
  10. ucf10916

    ucf10916 New Member

    yeah, if the city doesnt pay, im most likely going to file a law suit, cuz bro what do we pay taxes for? to keep the roadways clean, for the city to clip tree branches, to pay ppl for their unemployment blah blah blah.

    I did some research:
    Invest the Foundation of the Economy: Highways, Airports, and Infrastructure

    Broken, outdated infrastructure holds back job creation and hurts small businesses. The President’s Budget invests in California, putting people to work to rebuild roads, highways, and key infrastructure while paving the way to a stronger economic future.
    Key Budget Highlights:

    • $5.3 billion for construction and improvements to roads, highways, and airports throughout California.

    5.3 BILLION - let me get like $1200 atleast! Thats BS, how can the city MISS AN 80 FOOT BRANCH THATS AS THICK AS YOUR 10-11in wide RIM, MAYBE EVEN THICKER!!!

    besides the windshield being smashed, yes i was able to drive away, i actually drove around the corner with the window smashed to get it replaced haha.
    bro these cars are waaay over engineered, becuz it was the first luxury for lexus to compete with mercedes, jaguar, etc. these things will last forever, including if a 80 foot branch fell on it. ill take some damage shots later.
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  11. leegs300

    leegs300 New Member

    i wish you the best of luck bro.
  12. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    tell em get your money and dont mess with the vsc mafia
  13. higeki

    higeki New Member

    I would cry if that happened to me. :(
  14. nissan-z

    nissan-z New Member

    yea srrry to here that. for wat happend

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