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    Here we gowith my build story. Bought the car newback in Germany (US Spec) March 2010 as a birthday gift to me(lol). I Debated awhile between an Accord, an Altima, and Volvo S4. I have a long history of Hondas so I went with the Accord.
    Besides, I kind of like how it looked similar to a beamer. Left Germany for Florida aroundJuly 2010.

    This is where the modding begins.

    First purchase was a full Mugen Kit: September 2010

    K&N SRI: December 2010

    35% Tint: January 2011

    Eibach Pro Kit: February 2011

    19” MRR GT1: April 2011 (Ithink)
    Megan EZ and SPC 3-armCamber Kit: June 2011
    Ichiba Spacers
    Roof/Trunk Spoiler
    Folding side-view mirrors
    Dual exhaust conversion(res delete) to dual Magnaflow
    “Inspire” trunk garnish
    And it ended up lookinglike this for a bit…

    Got tired of the look and bought a set of 19” AME Shallen WX to change it up: (Summer 2012)
    Then she looked like this…the static life…

    Bought them used and pretty damaged. Powdercoated the faces white and repaired the curb rash…

    So after 3 years in Florida, Uncle Sam moves me and I go to Washington. Got a feel for the car scene and realized how tired I was of always adjusting my coils and got bagged!

    Next purchase Airrex Digital Air Suspension System: June 2014
    So now this is how shelooks…

    She’s a work in progress so I hope we have a few patient people in this forum. I have no shame saying I’m pretty noobish lol.
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    Great start, I like the new wheels. Something is missing, maybe a bodykit?
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    I like the route it's going I have a few VIP inspired pictures of this chassis if you're interested in seeing them or follow @lowalty_vipinspired on instagram, if you don't want to wait.
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    Thanks. I currently have full Mugen bodykit on it.
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    Omg where did you got those mirrors ebay? ImageUploadedByVIPStyleCars1483339960.965722.jpg

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