vip inspire ka9

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by jdmerik05, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    im feeling nice today, fixed what you did to your license plate too:runcoold:

  2. KLD

    KLD New Member

    I rolled mine with a hammer, came out good. Every time I've used a fender roller, it tends to dent or crease the fender. They also make the lip look like a duck bill...very drastic angle. Pulling the fender would look the best, but takes a lot more skill to make it look right.

    If you do go with a fender roller, make sure you know what you're doing. It's not as easy as just bolting it on then rolling it out. Also, make sure you have all of the other tools you're gonna a heat gun for example(to heat the metal, to help prevent pinching of the metal). I don't have a list of those tools for you, but I'm sure you can research that.

    Good luck, can't wait to see how this turns out!
  3. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    Great work, I love it! My ride is a 96-98 rare breed. I believe i'm the only one on here with this body style, but seeing this pix make me believe anything possible
  4. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    Yeah thank i hear story like this of the dent and crease alot .So im go to have them shaved.
  5. its amazing how the legend has come a along way.
  6. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    Hey Max what did you do to your fender shaved or rolled?
  7. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    I used a roller and a heat gun on my KA9. Honda metal is thin and easy to work with. No cracks or dents.
  8. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    thank for the tip i saw ka9 that what made me go with 19" too bad you parting her out but i read on acura-legend your upgrade ride is nice too.

  9. I rolled the fenders nice and smooth like butta. :dance:
  10. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

  11. onefattboy909

    onefattboy909 New Member

    Nokturnal CC Infiniti M45...

    it would look sick bagged... nice photoshoping..
  12. Vip619

    Vip619 New Member

    sick ride, when are you gonna get air?
  13. Ransom_nl

    Ransom_nl New Member

    Not the only one :yahoo_68:

  14. Beangrower_Fan

    Beangrower_Fan New Member

    sweet ka9. hardly see those being modded. i wanna see somebody build a mode legend.
  15. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    hopefully soon i brought a used kit from some local guy let just say you get what you pay for shit :saiyancrunks:so now i am in the market for a brand new no more half steping
  16. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    :shrug:lol that not fair you have an offical ka9 right-hand drive sweet ride
  17. Ransom_nl

    Ransom_nl New Member

    Your ride looks pretty Gangster. I like it! I bet alot of people get scared when you drive up, lol. Maybe next year I'll throw some nice jdm vip wheels on it, for now I'll enjoy the comfy boat ride a little more. I did install the window visors 2 weeks ago. They are a pain to get on, but definitely worth it.
  18. 208Soarer

    208Soarer New Member

    I like these when they are done. I knew a guy that had a 96 with kit,wheels, and air suspension. Man that was a god looking car!!
  19. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    Yes sir i get the drug dealer looks lol :smiley-rofl:who doesnt tryna to go vip yeah i had some window visor on my civic hatch i love them i will get those goodies and other once the outside is complete

  20. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    Hopefully this will become my reality very soon :biggthumpup::biggthumpup:


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