USF41 Build Thread (brianlin87)

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by brianlin87, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Juzzo

    Juzzo VSC Super Moderator

    Hell yeah, can't wait to see finished!
  2. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    wow, so much cool parts! i'm drooling over the LS600 headlights, that came in a box with j's racing tape?! awesome!
  3. brianlin87

    brianlin87 New Member

    Thanks for all the positive feedback!

    except you cheez80 - i hope you choke on your cigar ;)
  4. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member


    Will you be taking this to AutoFashion's grand opening next month??? Can't get enough of LS460's...
  5. brianlin87

    brianlin87 New Member

    Might be dropping my car off to AutoFashion next month - but I'm still trying to work out the details regarding that. I need to talk to Freddie right after I get my car back from the bodyshop.
  6. wrxyboy

    wrxyboy New Member

    Mode Parfume = Ballah right there. I cant wait to see the final product.
  7. brianlin87

    brianlin87 New Member

    This coming from the guy that just bought all T-Demand arms. You're just pitying me now. LOL
  8. wrxyboy

    wrxyboy New Member

    No pitying here. Just another 460 owner admiring a beautiful kit :cool:
  9. MR.J

    MR.J New Member

    Hows is this build going, I haven't seen much movement here?
  10. brianlin87

    brianlin87 New Member

    Just a quick update, just received a couple pictures from the good folks over at Signature Autobody, over fenders installed, new wheels mounted up:


    For the new year, not sure how much more I want to do to this car (since I can't get myself to do the '14 front end conversion), I stumbled upon a couple items I ended up purchasing from YAJ:

    21" Aimgain GVS off the Aimgain TAS Demo Car:


    Fitment is 21x10.5 -12 (fronts) and 21x10.5 -28 (rears). Since the wheels are off the Aimgain Demo Car with the over fenders I'm guessing this fitment will be pretty close to where I want to rebarrel my BBS LM-Rs to. Until then, I'll likely refinish these bootleg OZ Futuras with some color to have some fun for the time being.

    Oh, and I also bought an HKS GT Supercharger to attempt the first install here in the US. :)
  11. JDOX

    JDOX New Member

    This is the exact shit that makes me wish the scene was still active as it was. Cars boss in so many ways, can't wait to see the new wheels and SC kit.

    I look at how over the top the style is coming out of Japan and I don't get it, I'll take this clean killing it style any day over the crazy vents, obscene camber and loud as paint.
  12. mlracing

    mlracing Member

    Oosh nice scores!
  13. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    dang almost a 3 year jump from the last update. glad it's still kickin!

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