TX 04 TSX, going for VIP look now!

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by statictTSX, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. isendoh

    isendoh New Member

    If I recall does one of ur other member team a crazy wild s2k vip theme with the front bumper? And tsx looks bro I hope u could come out to the 14th next I wanna check out ur tsx.
  2. dee_maxi

    dee_maxi New Member

    What car you Rollin up there in man?

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  3. actolex

    actolex New Member

    How do you drive that in Houston......or anywhere for that matter....:pat:
  4. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    Yep! He has a VIP style s2k, custom widened rears and fronts, custom 370z Zele bumper to got s2k and bunch of other stuff xD yeah for sure gonna try and come out when If I can get a break to go up that weekend!

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  5. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    Gonna be taking the Tsx if I go, I got nothing else :X

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  6. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    Haha just drive carefully an slow, , I usually don't go to places I never been before that I know is safe. Gonna have to be even more cautious when I get the new suspension cause I wanna lay frame

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  7. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    I like the vip style builds for tl. Clean body lines. .looks good yo..

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  8. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    sorry guys, cant make slammed society or formula drift :/ but there will be a couple of our cars out there!! you cant miss them, custom glaze gold bugeye WRX, glaze copper audi a3, and a few more!!
  9. Vip_G50

    Vip_G50 New Member

    Fresh as f...
  10. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    BC racing coils extreme low kit order, spring rates 14/14. if thats not stiff enough for how low i wann abe then ill eventually upgrade to stiffer, probably 20/18 max
  11. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    So, i got a white JP kitsuna, and a black JP fusa. since my interior is black.. the fusa is kind of invisible. any color suggestions that would look good with a white kitsuna?
  12. isendoh

    isendoh New Member

    ah darn well keep up the progress bro. :biggthumpup:
  13. illest

    illest New Member

    love the tsx. definitely props for daily-ing that static..bags arent for everybody ;]
  14. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    ahhh JP has a burgundy one? def need to cop that
  15. Petis

    Petis New Member

    Eff your TSX! Haha

    Glad you made it over here. I still say to keep it track inspired, but that's just me. ;)
  16. Bobafreak

    Bobafreak Member

  17. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    hi petis!!!

    for some reason im still not approved to post in other sub sections, so imma just gonna post here!
    heres an update on the VIP attempt... more negative camber in the rear, several VIP goodies and a more low. no more sti lip to keep it more 'oem'-ish

    swapped to a new set of coilovers, bc racing extreme lows, 14k/14k and custom cut and shortened SPC rear camber arms.
    fronts got work to do!!

    really like this last one, we were out chillin and vapin and the smoke got caught in the pic too! pretty cool
  18. V1PTL

    V1PTL New Member

    Love it!!! Tell tony to get rid of that tsx and bring back the TL

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  19. statictTSX

    statictTSX New Member

    Haha thanks! You know tony?? Haha my lil cuzz! The TL he gave to his sisters, had problems :/

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  20. brainneeded

    brainneeded Active Member

    is that the country club up in the 1960/249 area?

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