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  1. Ok, the information on this site has been good so far..

    Issue:1) How much should i expect to pay for a set of four 19" rims to get refinished. I met with a guy here in NY today and i approached him with the set of SSR Vienna Kreis' i told him i wanted them to look brand new. Here is what has to get done. The lips refinished/ slight repair from curb rash on all 4 lips, they will also need to get re-polished super high shine. Next, the face on the rims need to be re-finished, he offered to polish them and i accepted high shine. Again with the process of a three piece rim it must be dismantled inorder to have it done perfect. The Next task is to Color paint match the inner spokes to the color of my KA9 Night Hawk Black Pearl * has a slight navy blue sparkle in the black color. Once this is done all must have a clear coat. I also made it very clear that i wanted the information on the inside of the rim kept. (offsett and information) He said that was difficult since the inner parts of the rims would also now be "polished" as per my request, but could be done All in all and to mount balance remove all ONE BILLION NUTS from the face to barrell and then re-assemble.. paint labor mounting new tires stretched. would cost me ........ Here is where i wont say what i paid. because i want to know how much everyone here thinks it should cost. Remember this is not a simple refinish, i am also getting powdercoating done..

    This doesnt do the SSR kreis justice but these club lineas are somewhat similar to my attainable goal. just so you get an idea.

    Here is a picture of the rims i sent out for repair/refinish. This was a test fit shot on my RL pre- airrunner install.


    ISSUE 2) PLEASE post pics of 215/35/19 on 19x8.5 rims and also 235/35/19 on 19x9.5 rims ONLY PLEASE! thanks.
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  2. TristateViP

    TristateViP New Member

    It'll probably cost 150-200 a wheel
  3. try again..
  4. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    That will cost you. 300 per wheel?

    Are there stickers you can remove so that the specs are preserved?

    I'll have pics of 215 on 19x8.5 soon
  5. close...getting warmer
  6. UrbanTacticz

    UrbanTacticz New Member

    I'll take a stab at it...

    Too much?

    What do I win? :)
  7. we have a winner! but either way i know its worth it! i have to justify every penny on the car, considering there arent many ka9's done in this style in the u.s.
    but when i was in japan there were so many ka9's done right...
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  8. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    it dpeends
    i know a guy that can do them for around 150 a wheel, with repairs and polishing.
    its all in yur location
  9. SikNLow

    SikNLow Awesome VSC Administrator

    From getting estimates on mine to get done right I would say about $1355 for all four with the tires mounted hahahahahahaha
  10. whats so funny? sounds close to what i spent
  11. REV-01

    REV-01 New Member

    i would say to make it super cherry it will cost about half of what the wheel is brand new. you can't really compare prices on this kind of work. just like bodywork and paint.
  12. Delvin

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    Fye Dollah!!!

    Like it was mentioned before it all depends on where you are located. Here there is a shop that painted the sides of the spokes and rear barrel of some Axis Milanos (20s on a 350Z) for $100 a wheel, a place that refinishes for $100-175, and if they there are any bends in the barrels the price depends on how much work needs to be done. I can see how in the NY the price can easily be around the $1600 thats my guess. Either way if you think the money was worth it and the end result came out right thats all that matters.
  13. Thanks! ill post the pics once they are done. they will be done come 3/1/08 it came to 365 per rim. with all work done including mounting and balancing and re applying the info offset size stickers
  14. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Cant wait to see them. I need to get my AC wheels redone before May and I might pay this guy a visit.
  15. OG

    OG Active Member

    so what was the point here? couldn't you have just said "i payed 365/wheel to refinish my ssr"?

    i would have just bought something else (never liked that style, but apparently a LOT of people do).
  16. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Im guessing he wanted to get a ballpark figure to see if he over or under payed. The reason its hard to compare is because labor prices per hour differ from state to state. Shipping the wheels out of state is one option but the shipping charges usually evens out the savings that you would be saving.
  17. Thanks agi, my second issue was the pics! i need pics of : ISSUE 2) PLEASE post pics of 215/35/19 on 19x8.5 rims and also 235/35/19 on 19x9.5 rims ONLY PLEASE! thanks.
    and 225/35/19 on 19x8.5 thanks!
  18. Benji

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    What about the center caps? Are they going to refinish those as well? I would hope so because some places will say they don't have the tools to do the center cap and then you end up with 2 different kinds of silver polish, don't know why they can't do them. I guess it depends on where you go, but if they can make them look like the original finish, then I guess pay the money.
  19. great question, yes the center caps are included, however it is a pain and he factored that into the price. the black center pops out and then polishing is easier that way. in other words you cannot tape that off!
  20. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    high shine? they looked like a machined face to me...if they are going to high shine them might as well chrome them and save some money. and get the bolts gold plated...oh yeah!

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