TWELVE YEARS after joining VSC... bought a Y51 today...

Discussion in 'Introduction and Welcome Center' started by hokiruu, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. hokiruu

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    Yes, 12 years after joining this forum, I finally bought a 2012 Platinum Graphite Infiniti M37X. I know AWD compromises true hardcore VIP potential to some degree but I live in the Lake Tahoe area and even though I have a truck I will drive this car and you never know what you might need to drive through. I always wanted a Lexus GS since 1999 and was dead set on buying a 2GS, then 3GS, but the Y51 eventually won me over, especially for what ended up being available to me. In the end I am kind of glad so far. The ability to fot much more aggressive wheels on stock fenders is a huge plus.

    It's super 4x4 height, beat 18s that look like 16"s on this car, base bumper (not sport or aero), has the "love it or hate it 'acquired'") Straw interior, but lots of potential and is super fun to drive.

    I say I am going to keep all my cars stock and every single one ends up very heavily modified. I am sure this won't be an exception, unless I make this my last visit to this forum ever, but probably not.

    So, on that note, do you think I can get the full benefits of air with AWD?
  2. LOP51DED

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    Can't see why not. There are plenty of air suspension kits for AWD platforms and they air out super low. Go for it.

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