Tuner4life's UCF20 Rolling Project

Discussion in '101 Builds' started by tuner4life, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, I've been a member here for a few years, but never had a worthy platform to truly be active. With a family now it has become obvious that I needed a 4 door car with a bit more room then the 2 door options I normally drive. I was searching for a couple weeks when this Black/grey on tan 1997 LS400 popped up on a local craigslist. After a thorough looking over, I promptly brought it home.

    This car only has 139k and was owned by the original owner for 110k of it. I found stacks of receipts in the glovebox for all scheduled dealer services including the 95k which is the timing belt. Multiple fluid changes, belts, etc. Even paid the Lexus dealer to steam clean the carpets at one point. At around 115k the original owner traded it in, and the records are a bit vague since, but that's only been a few miles. It has definitely been well taken care of most of it's life.

    The interior is literally spotless! Not even noticeable wear on the driver's seat bolster like in most of these cars. All of the cluster and climate lights work great.

    This will be a daily driver so the mods will happen slowly and likely very mild. There are a few small mechanical things to sort out, but I already love driving this thing! I have not come up with a good plan for mods yet, I imagine that fitment will be more in the mild side and most of the mods will happen on the inside. Hard to say yet. Just figured I'd start a thread for the car and document what I'm up to.

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    Last night I finally had some time to finish this thing up! I changed both ball joints, The front right caliper, all the brake pads and wear sensors, right front caliper (painted all of them black), right downstream o2 sensor, air filter, coolant flush and oil change. Now the car is basically ready for the alignment that is scheduled for Saturday, just need to keep up on the coolant level for a day or 2.. I think I got it burped, but we all know how that goes with these cars.

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    hello again from CL! totally understand the coolant not being fully bleed. my UCF20 has intermittent overheats now, and need some burping once again and the TB/WP was replaced years ago.

    welcome to VSC.
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    Haha, Hello again!
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    Just to keep updated. I noticed that the steering pump had started to seep just a little. To be expected at 144k miles. So I replaced that and deleted the vacuum valve. Another maintenance project taken care of.

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    nice pick up.

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