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Discussion in 'Interior' started by jamesgh, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. jamesgh

    jamesgh New Member

    Just a teaser of more to come....its much closer to finished than this picture but shows the weight it can support...(its a lavoo hookah not a medical marijuana device)...& a CF wrapped basic lol, reaer setups coming in the next month or so....


  2. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

    Looks good, mind showing how you mounted it?

    Needs a second shelf or something to look finished?
  3. mj_39

    mj_39 New Member

    Looks great!!! 1st time seeing this in the 2nd gen g sedan. Love to see what you've done with the car, any pics?
  4. BossMaxima

    BossMaxima New Member

    Looks good cant wait till yall take it up a notch!

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  5. Donraja

    Donraja Member

    Looking good!!!
  6. visitor

    visitor New Member

    Thats a nice start!

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  7. OG

    OG Active Member

    looks like a piece of wood sticking out of the dash. 0 style points. i hope it looks better "closer to finished".
  8. SumYungM35

    SumYungM35 New Member

    Idk im not a fan of the carbon wrap on it to tell you the truth... +1 on OG ^^^^

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  9. jamesgh

    jamesgh New Member

    Its not my car, I'm simply working on tables for a few cars.

    this thread will be updated as proper progress is made, hopefully you'll take a few moments to keep watch. This was simply a test of the mounts and their ability to hold the weight and locate where the upper deck mounts to the lower would fit with the hookah on the actual table. I have to use a different metal for the mounts so they hold up as securely that i want them to. I'd rather take my time & do it right. All of these tables have been modeled in solidworks before I make cuts. :runcoold:
  10. OG

    OG Active Member

    that's cool, i hope the next one comes out great. not sure if you are open for suggestions, but the shape seems very obtrusive and unatural. i chopped something up real quick that i think would work well with the lines of the interior. feel free to use it, or not.


    i think potential passengers would appreciate the extra leg room, particularly during entry/exit, created by shifting the bulk of the table towards the center console. ass an added bonus the vent could be used to heat/cool whatever is in the holder section. the second level gives it dimension. not sure if you were planning on that or not. i also think it looks good if you pull the outer edge to the door, to continue the flowing lines of the interior. a matching leather/vinyl surface with brushed aluminum trim would accent the interior nicely vs. stocking out like a sore thumb. just some ideas, take them or leave them.
  11. jamesgh

    jamesgh New Member

    You've mentioned a few things I've already planned on doing to keep it from sticking out :biggthumpup: (no pun intended). The reason it was such as large area was to support the base of that hookah more than anything else at this point and both curves are pulled off the front dash line as well. I'm always open to ideas, no reason to keep progression from continuing.
  12. OG

    OG Active Member

    that's the right attitude! :biggthumpup:
  13. jamesgh

    jamesgh New Member

    you mean something like this? lol, everything I do is modeled in Solidworks before I make any cuts....

  14. OG

    OG Active Member

    looks great.
  15. jamesgh

    jamesgh New Member

    Took a bit longer than anticipated to get to this phase due to taking a stupid collegiate load this semester, but staining will occur this weekend, and should be finished for Spring Import Alliance here in Atlanta.....

  16. mrbrian8

    mrbrian8 Member

    That looks really good my man, you should make me one as well :)
  17. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    IDK why but when i saw this i thought it was a door panel table lol.

    hmmm maybe that can be the next thing, door panel tables
  18. augdogg

    augdogg VSC Super Moderator

    Looks like an animial penis...Just sayin.
  19. Dranom

    Dranom VSC Super Moderator

  20. levie

    levie New Member

    i dont get it.

    why not just go with a traditional table.

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