Toyota Crown (18) YouZeland SS drop kit & black OEM floor mats!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by sojah, Jan 14, 2016.

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    I will add pics later but just trust that I am selling the 30mm drop YouZealand SS kit (front and rear) and I have some OEM black Crown floor mats. The floor mats are the medium size same as the stateside 3GS and would fit just about any stateside lexus or Toyota.

    The floor mats are used but no stains and should shampoo clean very easily.

    All parts are in my garage/storage room presently but I am at work while posting this for sale thread. Here is a pic of what the SS kit looks like for reference (I grabbed an identical pic from UpGarage).

    I have recently shipped a few sets of wheels back to the East Coast no problems, and can get many people to vouch in case this is in question.

    Floor Mats - $150
    SS Kit - $200

    buyer pays shipping.

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