to my bros with 98 ls 0r 00 i need help

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by Midway-VIP, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Midway-VIP

    Midway-VIP New Member

    now I've had my 98 ls for a while now and . i want shoes and tires . I want 20x8.5 fr and 20x10 and rear . and drop it at least 2in from front to back. what you think ? any info is cool. don't have money for bags or coils yet new baby girl .
  2. OG

    OG Active Member

    1) save until you can do it right

    2) check classifieds/sposonsors/group deals/used outlets for better prices.
  3. MrExecutiv

    MrExecutiv New Member

    ^ agreed. Save up, so you get what you really want and don't settle for less.
  4. NewLife

    NewLife New Member

    I think it will look nice just remember to purchase legit parts, never cheap out. Any specific question(s) you would like to ask?
  5. Schnitz

    Schnitz Active Member

    Even 20" MRR's are gonna be $1000 with tires. I'd wait and save twice that and then there's alot of options.
    You can find coilovers for about $600 +/-. Springs wont get you where you want to be. If they do then your stock shocks won't last.
    Like it's been said. Save and buy quality parts.
  6. Midway-VIP

    Midway-VIP New Member

    you right guys . need to just save up a lil bit . just see what my car can be and want it . you know what i mean ? what you think bags or coils ?

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