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Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by alpha, May 17, 2009.

  1. alpha

    alpha New Member

    well i had some issues with my lorinsers. i bought some 225s for my rears(10")and we couldnt get it on.tried 3 different shops and 3rd one pretty much said lest slap 245s on.well i needed mags on my car that night so i said go ahead.it took him 1hr to put one tire on, we had to use rubber ring to get it on.other one popped up 1st time...rims are not bed or anything, does anyone know what can be the problem?
    i really want to downgrade to 235 after 245s done their job...
    anyone with similar experience?
    225s didnt fit because they were old tires and sidewall was too hard to stretch...
    but cmon 245 on a 10" is pretty much nothing...
    there is no leaks either...
  2. mista808

    mista808 New Member

    put the 225's out in the sun, and put some 10" long blocks of wood or something equivalent to stretch the side walls out (place it between the beads). let em sit in the sun for a long time to soften the rubber and to form the rubber and steel belt inside... then try taking them down to get it mounted. bet you all my star wars cards itll work... and when mounting it, use plenty of tire lube.
  3. 5t341tH

    5t341tH New Member

    wtf did any of those tireshops have a Cheetah?
    you are talking about airing up the tire right?
    the cheetah would mount them no problem. oh and used tires get softer sidewalls, not harder.
    if all fails, use the lighter fluid method
  4. alpha

    alpha New Member

    well i dont have 225s anymore...had to swap them for 245s to get them mounted.
    i mean if it comes to worst i just use lighter fluid to get them on in the future, just one thing thats bugging me is that why it was so hard to get one tire aired up...just doesnt make sence if other one just popped straight up...

    well i dunno mate but i sort of trust my tire guy whos been in business for over 30 years, so if he says that its got hard sidewall cause its old it might be truth...

    whats cheetah?
  5. 5t341tH

    5t341tH New Member

    its like an air bazooka. basically blows 180psi into the bead area and then the beads would seal onto the rim.
  6. e30cabrio

    e30cabrio New Member

    if your tire shop doesn't have a cheetah, walk away, find a different different shop.

  7. GEE702

    GEE702 New Member

    this is how I do it :biggthumpup:
  8. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Cheetah or bead blaster is the way to go. Most shops should have it because they mount atv and truck tires using one.

    a225/35 tire on a 10" width doesn't seem too extreme. Maybe the tire runs smaller or maybe your rim is 11" wide? It actually happened to me. I was trying to fit "recomended" tires for my 11" wide wheel. I couldn't get them on. All of the info on the label had worn off but I was able to take a pencil and etch the label to find out the real specs. It was a 12" wide wheel lol
  9. Big C

    Big C New Member

    The problem was those shops don't know what they're doing. If you know how to hold the tire properly (easier with 2 people) while airing it up it takes 2 seconds to seat the bead WITHOUT a cheetah. My shop in Az has mounted tons of stretched tires for customers but mostly for myself and friends.

    We only need to use a cheetah for like off-road tires, not street tires running a stretch, lol.
  10. gato

    gato Active Member

    the cheetah..

    I go to two diffrent spanish speaking used tire shops.....

    they dont know "cheetah" they call em "la marranita" translates to the hog.....
    or actually female hog....haha
  11. alpha

    alpha New Member

    wwell my tire shop doesnt have an isue with me stretching tires.they had 2 ppl trying to get them on and it didnt work.

    and yeah rims are 10" its stamped on the inside...
    i found a firestone shop close by that has a bead blaster.i will get some 235s next time and go there.
    i know 225 on a 10 is not that extreme, my mates done way more extreme on his sil.
    but mounting a 245 is questinable and doesnt make sense what so ever if it takes them an hour to mount...when other mag popped straight up with no hassle.
  12. Lexus Soarer

    Lexus Soarer New Member

    They were probably just lacking skill. I seat 225's on a 10 width first try without a cheetah all day. URMYHERO4NOW can vouch for me.

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