thinking about new mags, need opinions

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by alpha, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. alpha

    alpha New Member

    well since i cant get replacement lips for my lorinsers, and to behonest im sort of getting sick of them(but still dont want to sell em)

    so im thinking of upgrading to 19s this year.and i found pretty decent bmw mags, they are off x5 sportpac edition.
    19x9+40front and 19x10+45. dont worry i will use 25mm adaptors anyways to make em fit my 5x114.3 pattern. so it will make em +15 front and +20 rear, and they will fit under the guards easy as with jusr rolled fenders and camber:)

    i know my car is not a platform and never will and i dont even think so im going with vip style anyways??more euro i guess with those lorinsers atm

    anyway, i did a quick chop and i actually like it.
    what you guys thinK?

    and what do u actually think of implementing stock bmw,merc etc wheels into vip style?
    or is it more toward euro style?
    do tell


  2. augdogg

    augdogg VSC Super Moderator

    Yo it looks kewl...btw thats a Sentia (Mazda 929) and i love those, so who gives a fuk about whats what?:biggthumpup:
  3. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    I like it, do it.

    As long as they fit close to or on the fenders, they will look good
  4. alpha

    alpha New Member

    well yeah, my car so can do whatever i want.
    but i still want my car to be in a "vip" category somehow..but i want to go different way, so i can stand out from the crowd with this one.
    i can simply just get some eurolines and call it a day, but nah.
    but im still interested on what people have to say about vip platforms having rims like this, is it still vip or not? thats the not asking if my car is vip, i know its not:)
  5. alpha

    alpha New Member

    yeah man with my calculations they will be perfectly flush with a little bit of camber.
    just did all the measurments and if i can get those mags they will extend extra 14mm front and 24mm rear, and i know ive got 15mm space upfront(with fucked camber) and about 19mm space rear, with stock camber settings atm...

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    i think that looks good, do it, and as for the bmw rims i have seen a couple of cars in the japanese vip mags with bmw rims on em and they looked real good, so IMO do u and dont worry so much about brands or labels
  7. Schnitz

    Schnitz Active Member

    Photoshop looks good. Who cares what 'category' it fits in.
  8. BIG TY

    BIG TY Member

    do it !!!
  9. Neteru

    Neteru New Member

    i hate lables.

    fuck what 'style' its in.

    That shit looks hot .

    DO IT.
  10. OG

    OG Active Member

    i agree with "f**k labels" but even if you want to worry about them you're in the clear. the sentia is a proven exception to the platform "rule" and bmw wheels infiltrated vip long ago.


    just one example but there are a few. i'm not a bimmer fan but their wheel designs are killer.
  11. tommiedred

    tommiedred New Member

    Really nice chop i say do it.
  12. MR.J

    MR.J New Member


  13. alpha

    alpha New Member

    yeah i saw this aristo few years ago and thats what inspired me to go BMW ways,
    i like those m6 mags but my brakes arent that huge, so wont look that great, thats why i rather get something with bigger spokes.

    well i guess i will get them this year. ive got a few things planned for sentia this year, so all wish me good luck:)

    thanks guys!
  14. disgraced

    disgraced New Member

    its looks reminiscent of an Audi S8 and they're definitely a gangsta and worthy ride...
  15. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    i really want the new m5 wheels for winter beaters
  16. kingpin

    kingpin New Member

    those are hot .. who cares about the name on the wheels .. :biggthumpup:

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