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Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by Jedidiah, May 28, 2009.

  1. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah New Member

    My dad bought this car new back in 98. It was the first Spectra Blue in Dallas and he bought it off the owner of Park Place. He is a business owner and whenever he would pull up somewhere for a business meeting, his clients would call his car the "Deal Mobile."

    Well, 11 years later its mine and I've given it my own interpretation to make it a present day "Deal Mobile."

    This community has really shaped my thoughts on how to go about modifying this car, and this is Phase 1 of hopefully several more to come with this car. Really have so many people to thank, but enough talk... let the pictures speak for themselves. Feel free to give feedback whether it be + / - .







  2. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah New Member

    and for the Rolling Shots:







    Love being apart of this community and look forward to being a continual contribution.

  3. MrExecutiv

    MrExecutiv New Member

    I love your gs. so clean.
  4. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah New Member

    Means a lot coming from you Joe. Your car will always be the top of the 2GS game for me at least.

    Gio says there's talk of some of the RE guys coming up to Ennis in late June for Battle of the Imports I think? You gonna be bringing the GS?

    Really look forward to the day where the Dallas guys can meet up with you H-town folks.
  5. OG

    OG Active Member


    nice and clean.
  6. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah New Member

    appreciate it Mike. Hold your opinion in high regard as well.
  7. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    i like your GS alot. proves less is more. GJ dude.
  8. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

  9. chrispy

    chrispy Active Member

    I love your car! Recently I've been driving around hoping my car looks as good rolling as yours does. =)

    BTW I like the name "Deal Mobile."
  10. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    She is a beauty! Nicely done
  11. Neo300

    Neo300 New Member

    Looking good! In all honesty, I think that this color is more rare than the Black Cherry Pearl color. Keep it up!
  12. toyotabb

    toyotabb Member

    Thats one beautiful color. I second that its more rare the the black cherry pearl. Only seen 2 blue ones ever. Keep up the good work. And those moving shots are awesome. I think ive found my new backgound screen!!

  13. volkgt7

    volkgt7 New Member

    YES!!!!!!!!!! i hope to have your stance ASAP
  14. mrkenji

    mrkenji New Member

    i <3 the color, the stance, the look with the wheels.. looks like you may need a wing in the future.. but great job!
  15. dRo15

    dRo15 Member

  16. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    Just goes to show, doesn't need to be an excessive build to be a success. Just needs to be done right. Props man.
  17. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Perfect excecution
  18. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah New Member

    Thanks bro. Look forward to when the Dallas guys and H-town guys can meet up.

    Appreciate the sentiment =)

    Who you kidding Chris? I have been trying to roll like you bro.. seriously, thats quite the compliment coming from someone with a ride like yours.

    When the 2GS came out, it was just so incredibly different then any other sedan on the market. Combined with the Spectra blue, this thing just caught everyone's eye. It just said "playmaker" or "this man gets things done" to a lot of people. The name evolved from that. 11 yrs later, still catching people's attention.

    Thank you sir.

    Where you been man? Haven't seen any recent pics from you. For about 6 months your sunset shot near the beach of your black cherry was my desktop background. Insane shots! I want to see more of them. Whats the latest on your ride?
  19. Jedidiah

    Jedidiah New Member

    Based on your sig, it looks like you've already achieved it. When I first became a member, I remember seeing pics of your car and going, "damn how the hell does it drive that thing?" Funny how this place will change your perspectives on things.

    Next up will be window visors and a roof wing, and would love to source some L-tuned skirts or modify some others.. we shall see.

    Thanks Brent!

    Coming from the creator of this site that means a lot. Really appreciate you and your team for making this place available to us. Without it, guarunteed my car would not look anything like it does.

    Humbled. I have greatly appreciated your willingness to help me through PM's Agi. You had never seen my car before, yet had no problem helping me along.

    I love your car and your approach to modifying, but more importantly you set the example on how we should help each other. Makes this place a lot more enjoyable to come to with members like you. (How's that for sentiment.. yes I will get my tongue out of your ass..ha.)


    As an aside, really am grateful for the OG's on this site. You guys keep doing what you do and keep holding the standard. Only way the cars are gonna stay true to the scene.
  20. gato

    gato Active Member

    Ben your nuts......driving like that on cloils.....:dance:

    here is a pic I caught you on I35 yesterday............=)


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