Tanabe Super Low Form Damper Coilover 24kg/22kg 2g GS

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by Big C, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Big C

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    **These are not your average coilovers. If you want to ride slammed and stiff these are for you. If you want to ride nice and soft/smooth, I'd recommend something else** =)

    Brand new shipped straight from Japan. Never installed, just opened to take pics of them. Ended up going with air suspension instead.

    These are only sold in Japan. You cannot order them in the USA. These are the specially designed stiff coilovers to ride low with stiffer valving and spring rates. Warranty is not valid since they are not technically sold in the USA.

    Spring Rates: 24kg front & 22kg rear

    Bottom mount adjustable to go low. My friend has these in his 95 LS400. They definitely ride stiff but I don't feel its too uncomfortable.

    $1750 shipped & paypal'd. I am located in Arizona. Shipping to Hawaii would be extra.
    PM me if you're interested, thanks!

    Misc Info from Tanabe:
    Ultra Short Stroke Design
    Twin Tube (Double Cylinder Type) Construction
    Strengthened Mounts & Bushings
    Second Rubber Bumpstop at Bottom of Stroke
    Heavy Duty Collars Allowing More Torque to Prevent Loosening Due to Road Shock
    32 Way Damping Force Adjustment
    Choice of Spring Rates Available on Some Models
    Each Coilover Specifically Designed for Each Model Vehicle

    Actual Photos:






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  2. OG

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    these are probably the most interesting coilovers on the market to me. would love to check a set out. buy them nick.
  3. Big C

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    Still available fella's
  4. rawspeed

    rawspeed New Member

    u happen to still have them?
  5. lowvanu2

    lowvanu2 Member

    ^^^^^ yes!^^^^
  6. blackanese

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    Good seller here

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