such a thing as body kits with painted foam/rubber spoiler lips ?

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by TransformCelsior, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. anyone know if a body kit like this exist? in particular the front bumper

    it would be nice if the bottom portion of a body kit was made out of painted foam - rubber. This way you could scratch and scrape and still have the bumper come back to shape.
  2. I Have never seen this, and all i do all day is look for bodykits... have you seen the bottom of corvettes? or even your old rl.. do you remember that extra piece of plastic that sticks down... i am in the process of installing that to the bottom of my kit for added protection / early bottom out detection
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    dont know if its stock but on my friends Z06 there was this roller under the front bumper, smart.... his car was like 2-3" off the ground....
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    i think wings west makes their wing for the honda crx is made out of foam
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    It's an amazing thing called polyurethane. Like how the stock bumpers are made.

    Alternatives to having that, would be to reinforce your bumpers. metal undertrays, glassing the bumper to reinforce it..stuff like that. Otherwise learn how to drive, and just deal with it.
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    foam body kit ftl.
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    I do remember the 90 or 91 Prelude having a foam rubber rear spoiler back in the day. That always fascinated me.

    Talk all the shit you want on the OP for his question, but I seem to recall American muscle purists smack-talking about a car back in the day that was the first to use fiberglass body panels... it's called a Corvette. All I'm saying is keep an open mind to new ideas. You never know what might happen next in the aftermarket.
  8. I was not talking about the plastic that sticks down like on the corvette.

    I was thinking about a foam that actually molds to the shape of the bottom piece of the bumper, it would blend right into the bumper, color matched and clear coated.

    something like this: so when you scrape, u may mess up your clear coat but the lip will just fall back in place. Throw out some clear coat touch up and voila ! back to new again1

    and and caoboy, just go back to sleep.

  9. wow, thats a wild idea but i think it would have to be heat reisitant,becuase anything foam/plastic deforms when its as close to your exhaust engine bay.. hmm interesting idea tho.
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    You want to put pool toys on your bumper? YOU go back to 101 you noob. I don't worry about my bumpers. I told you how to be able to not worry about it. Anything else is retarded, like putting pool toys on your bumper. If anything, it'll make your bumper crack easier by there being less give.

    Extra glass will give it more scraping ability that you don't have to worry about. Metal undertrays will protect the bumper by THEM scraping, not your bumper. Polyurethane flexes like no other, and some 'knockoff' kits are made with it, and are actually better than the originals because of the design. Only downside, is that when you get a crappy poly knockoff, and it melts from too much heat lol.

    Put a splitter on the bottom or your car to take the abuse.

    Or, learn to drive your car, so when you scrape, it won't be that bad.
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  11. seriously go back to sleep

  12. it won't be a standard, foam like u see on my link. It was just an idea to get into your head.

    of course it will be made of a stronger, industrial strength foam that can withstand extreme weather conditions.It should also be sealed with sealant etc.

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    That's silly. How are you going to paint it?

    Coloured foam? Good luck colour matching that.

    Especially if you try doing a tri-stage.

    How will it stay shiny? If it's soft, how will you polish it.

    If it's flexible enough to bend when you hit a curb, it's probably flexible enough to tear instead of cracking - then what?

    And pool noodles? Really? That stuff would get chewed up after half a kilometer.
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    Whoops double post.
  15. Caoboy

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    Maybe you should go back to sleep too.

    What would be your suggestions for alternatives?
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    Make it and show us..till then, it won't be able to have the look you want since it's a porous it would have to be color tinted foam...paint will not adhere to it to give it a smooth appearance and feel.
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    on there was a guy that made these 2 little steel brackets that stood out just below the lowest part of the bumper. it would help protect the car against bumps. the metal brackets would make contact with the pavement/bump and the car would pretty much be lifted by it so the front bumper would never touch.

    did that make sense? i'll see if i can find the thread.
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    There's a lot of us who are not on club lexus....and who also aren't about to register just to see that post. How about just showing us a picture??

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