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  1. khanhdom

    khanhdom New Member

    sorry about your loss. Give us more details about your wheels, so we can have a lookout
  2. mebippu

    mebippu New Member

    its amistads dish (f) 19x10 +10 (r) 19x11 +10 offset. only three rims are good the other rear is messed up from a freak accident. and no hub covers cuz those were in my garage. thanks alot for the all the support. im a firm believer in karma and know hes gonna get whats coming to him.
  3. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Post up his number. Seriously.
  4. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    i would post all his info on here dude.Give us his phone number and full description. PLEASE!!!

    Than let karma takes its term.
  5. jspecfuzion

    jspecfuzion Member

    The thing is, knowing those offsets and how they are missing the center caps, i highly doubt these rims are going to go far. Someone is going to spot them in an instant. Sorry for what happened. Like what URMYHERO posted, give us some more info. Stupid stuff like this happens here in VA - DC area as well. My damn stock motored daily civic got stolen 2 times and they didnt even take the Regamasters and buddy club suspension, they took the headunit and the amber corners... second time around took my damn vents, carpet, SOHC shit motor, and stock seats. WHY? stupid thieves. My 240 got 1 out of 4 work wheels stolen. Yea, so i definitely feel you bro.
  6. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    That suck i had some idiots who try to take my wheels too but couldnt messing up my center caps in the process not saying it would help but it would have slow them down i hope you find them and give them all a VIP AZZ KICKING
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  7. chrispy

    chrispy Active Member

    I'm gonna keep an eye out for you. I'm always in the Garden Grove area. Post up some info and let karma do its job. =)
  8. RASRX7

    RASRX7 New Member

    that sucks..heard about your wheels ..keeping an eye out for them...most likely see them on a "driftboner" car..
  9. EvilRB

    EvilRB Member

    Damn man!! fucken sucks!!

    file the police report because if you ever do ever find your rims again by chance you will have all your bases covered.
  10. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    peter sorry that happened, and if you dont want to go to the police about it. give me a call if you need things handled.

    i know people that know people, so give me a call and ill try my best to try and solve things.
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    DIRTYATL Active Member

    whoever did it will get theirs in the end, i cant stand thieves (get a job mofo)
  12. GLuXuRy

    GLuXuRy New Member

    that sucks big time dude .. sorry to hear that .. dumb question but are the rims the ones in your pic ? around my area those would def stick out . . so ill keep an eye out
  13. Franklin

    Franklin Member

    Call your phone provider and get a copy of your text message history.
  14. LiCelsior

    LiCelsior New Member

  15. G33kY97

    G33kY97 New Member

    u have his number...

    find a way to find him.

    find his house...

    bring some friends

    have a party

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