So, what were you all u 101 members drivin B4 going VIP?

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by DriftGirl, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    good to see people with prior experence ... that goes to show you usually dont just start here !
  2. stouffer

    stouffer New Member

    in order of past to present if memory serves me correctly,
    1980 morris marina lowrider (dont ask)
    1984 dodge mirada
    1992 nissan maxima
    1990 nissan skyline gtr
    1984 nissan silvia s12
    1989 nissan ps13 onevia
    1992 nissan 200sx
    1989 nissan 200sx
    1991 nissan skyline gtr
    1991 ps13
    1996 nissan skyline gtst
    1966 mercury monterey
    1966 hillman imp
    1998 ls400
    there was a brief period when i owned an audi 80td somewhere in there, but i try not to think about that too much.
  3. esvipstyle

    esvipstyle New Member

    hmm.. 1997 toyota 4runner limited on "dubs" lol
    2003 honda civic si.. got some pics for ya! check it out!
  4. chrisngo

    chrisngo New Member

    I was driving my S14...


    Sold a long time ago.

  5. NYC03Alti

    NYC03Alti Member

    A 2003 G50? Didn't those stop production in 1996 or so?

    ELFATHER F50 CIMA New Member

    1999 ek hatch ctr convertion
    1992 eg hatch ls/vtec on boost
    2003 acura tl -s dropped on rims
    2006 mercedes e55 amg
    2002 infiniti q45 right now
    and like 50 other cars from my dealership
  7. VI IX

    VI IX Active Member

    DAMN CHRIS i still remember when you were tryna decide what color to paint it and where to take it too. =T and then i remember when you sold it, and then i remember when that kid wrecked it. haha and then didnt he put on some knock offs? fack.
  8. wannabebippu

    wannabebippu New Member

    The c230 was my first car so i pretty much got into VIP when i got my license =/
  9. boosted_teg817

    boosted_teg817 New Member

  10. boosted_teg817

    boosted_teg817 New Member

    sorry i accidently click post on the 93 240sx

    My 99 SSBP gsr teg


    99 accord v6 - Was a daily beater for 2 years

    99 Prelude SH was my most recent

    also had a 94 civic si hatch with a 02 bmw 330i front end conversion back in 04
    and i've been driving for 4 years
  11. KLD

    KLD New Member

    I don't have pictures of all of them, but here's the list...

    1- 95 Jetta vr6

    2- 99 Civic ex B16 with just about every bolt-on possible

    3- 65 VW Bug

    4- 89 RHD 240 SR20


    5- 64 Impala 4-door hardtop

    6- 86 Jetta coupe...only pic I have of it...

    7- 90 BMW E30 Vert




    8- 74 VW Bug can kinda see it in the background in the pic below...

    9- 49 Chevy Sedan Delivery RatRod

    10- 96 240sx

    11- 93 240sx

    12- 94 SC300...current car
  12. The Avalon

    The Avalon New Member

    1st. Cadillac SadanDeville (rebuilt engine + mods)
    2nd. '02 Nissan Altima (stock)
    3rd. '96 Toyota Avalon (daily beater but under cunstruction)
    soon coming, Infiniti M45......
  13. lextronics

    lextronics New Member

    i had a black on black lincoln ls done up pretty nice...

    my play car before my now car the 06' lexus gs300 was this....

    2000' mustang gt v8 black on black

    548hp at the motor
    488hp at the wheels
    433 torque

    about 25k in parts on the car all bolt ons...was in 2 different mustang magazines..and ran a 10.9 in quarter mile...was the first all bolt on new bodied mustang to hit in the 10's...

    but i gave up speed for luxury vip style lexus gs :shrug: just kidding it was a good choice to change it up and experience both worlds... and i dont need to go as fast anymore...its nice to cruise around slowly and just relax in luxury...heh :biggthumpup:





  14. Neva2wicked

    Neva2wicked New Member

    1996 Mercury Topaz (98-99)
    1996 Chevy Corsica (99-00)
    1993 Dodge Stealth ES (00-02 and just got into cars with this one. My fav. by far. Timing belt slipped before modding could begin)
    1996 Nissan Sentra (03-05 started a bit of modifying before moving then my bro crashed it on 07)
    1998 Ford Windstar (Feb 08- present and anxious to start working on this with a bit of knowledgeable help from a VSC member)

    Pics of the Stealth (Crappy ones I know)

    Pics of the Sentra
  15. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    1.1996-1999 a 1991 hardbody slammed
    2.1999-2003 a 1992 civic hb ls/vtec swap
    3.2003-2004 a 1991 right hand drive intergra
    4.2004-2007 a 1995 civic 4door with a b16a swap
    5.2007-2008 a 1999 volkwagon jetta 1.8t
    6.2008-present 1996 acura rl /i also have an 04 acura tsx
  16. ldmaxima

    ldmaxima Guest

    `98 eclipse gst fully built
    '05 gsxr 600
    76 datsun pickup sr20project( slow process)


  18. Premiertea

    Premiertea New Member

    "i will miss you my love!" *yell from a cliff*
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2008
  19. Felixxx

    Felixxx New Member

    I had 3 ae86's and like 8 s13's. And a foxbody mustang and a s2000.
  20. 1996ls400ky

    1996ls400ky New Member

    1-97 ls400 coach edition gold- missed it
    2-2001 audi a4 sold
    3-1999 acura rl sold cheap
    4-2001 audi a6 4.2l sold
    5-96 ls400 that i drive now

    acura pics

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