Skipper one off Acura TL

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles...' started by jtom516, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. jtom516

    jtom516 New Member

    I did post some pictures in other threads, but thought I should start my own.
    Its a custom one off SKP Dezign kit from
    rolling on AME LX


    and for fun, a friend made this

  2. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    very nice, glad you are not a TL conformist in which every TL looks and is the modded in the same way.

    any future plans? i would definately go with cleared headlights

    any interior setups or anything?
  3. phrosttz0

    phrosttz0 New Member

    lower plz
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2008
  4. JN.FYC

    JN.FYC VSC Super Moderator

    Cleaaan TL, love the chrome AME's & fitment
  5. inspire

    inspire New Member

    clean, once again
  6. JN.FYC

    JN.FYC VSC Super Moderator

    I just noticed CA plates, where in CA?
  7. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    your from norcal aint ya? Ive seen you at a couple shows, welcome to the site. :bigok:
  8. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    nice! A little more stretch and lower it down and it will be even sweeter.
  9. jtom516

    jtom516 New Member

  10. jtom516

    jtom516 New Member

    yep, showed with you at HIN with machIII, always see your car sitting at shanes shop when i stop there to chill after class
  11. charley240sx

    charley240sx New Member

    yeah, looks sweet, now lower it a bit more.

  12. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

  13. volkgt7

    volkgt7 New Member

    i actually love it all except for the wheels and stance
  14. Platinum-VIP

    Platinum-VIP New Member

    its pretty nice... looks simple yet clean.
  15. Razzi

    Razzi New Member

    oh shit blaze body kit? that musta costed a pretty penny.

    came out looking hella good though
  16. jtom516

    jtom516 New Member

    ^^^^ you didnt read the top comment
    SKP Dezign from skipper body kit
  17. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    lower..then I'll tell you it's slick..haha.
  18. ShaneC

    ShaneC New Member

    new wheels time.... and also air!! GO GO GO!!
  19. IS300eR

    IS300eR New Member

    i luv the ad artwork, looks good!
  20. fatfree

    fatfree New Member

    Nice. Dump it!

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