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Discussion in '101 Builds' started by mr.rick, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

    hey guys i am new to and well i guess i shall continue my current build and keep the updates here. below is a list of the simple mods ive done.

    new green tint halogen headlights
    q45 projectors
    luxurymods brakets
    polished outter projector housing
    diy chrome gs3 grill
    benz lower bumper conversion
    sectioned and pulled and vented front fenders (all metal)
    nisie led mirror replacement covers
    chrome toyota door handles
    led curtesy led lights in door handles
    job design skirts
    depo led tail lights
    chrome toyota replacement bar
    3pc jp style wing
    l tuned rear visor
    oem toyota window visors (color matched)
    benz rear lower bumper conversion with rear running lights
    quad 6k foglights
    6k head lights
    plasma high beam bulbs
    full led interior
    4 jp kneck pads
    4 jp back pillows
    jp curtains
    uas bags viar 444 comp kit
    megan ez street coilover with uas bags
    set #1 f 19x10.5 -8 offset r 19x11 0 offset work euroline dh wheels
    set#2 f 20x11 10 offset r 20x11 10 offset rohana rc10 wheels
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  3. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

    these are a few that i have saved on my work computer

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  4. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

  5. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Wow job well done
    my vote is for set #2
    wonder if I'll ever see this around in Lynwood

  6. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

    Its a daily so if your in lynwood you might but beware theres another gs that just got painted same color that lives in south gate also a vip style car that a vouple of people have confused mine with
  7. Junya

    Junya New Member

    holy hell that rear diffuser looks awesome!
  8. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

    Thanks wanted to do something that would set me apart from average gs's
  9. revtek_gs3

    revtek_gs3 New Member

    I've seen your build on CL and SEMA pics. This build shouldn't be in
  10. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

    my build is an average build its a simple gs300 haha but thanks anyways im new on here as you can see so i guess im in 101
  11. speedaddict

    speedaddict bippu cowboy

    I'd like to see this in the Lexus/Toyota forum
  12. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

    im on club lexus forum i go by the name of advil4u
  13. Allanav8

    Allanav8 New Member

    damn. your rear bumber is beautiful. i want to put vents like that on mine whenever i get around to painting and mounting it. same goes for the fenders.
  14. AKings_Heir

    AKings_Heir New Member



    This rear ISF diffuser is so dope.. i just went with IS350 one.


  15. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member



    decided to re do my entire car again. its been put away for about 1 yr now and have been wantting to go with a pretty wide wheel not just huge lips so here is my new headache i mean wheel set up haha 19x14.5
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  16. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 New Member

    I love how the title says simple... thing looks great! Updated pics please
  17. mr.rick

    mr.rick New Member

    Well i stopped updating since i see things move pretty slowly on here but if you like to see a few updates or want to be more up to date on my build check out my instagram page @gs_rick
  18. 33flavors

    33flavors VSC Super Moderator

    People are here. They are just less opinionated than before. Clean build. I eyed that rear for a good while at one point.
  19. cdplayer

    cdplayer New Member

    Great work

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  20. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    anymore updates? i love that rear diffuser. i'm been pondering which rear diffuser to use for my ES, yes i said ES lol

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