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Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by sojah, May 23, 2015.

  1. sojah

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    so forgive me for asking a noob question or wanting clarity on a noob-ish question, but if i just want to pull in the top of the rear wheel say 1/4" (thus adding more negative camber in the process) would that be an adjustable rear upper arm like this here? would anything else likely be required or just that?

    and BTW the T-demand one is damn near $850. at this point a slightly smaller set of wheels may be the easier route to take.

    rear upper arms.JPG

    these are all the arms and arm pieces that T-demand makes for my car presently.
  2. boostedsi

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    I'd say upper arms, traction arms and toe links. the uppers will give you the negative but to center and make everything straight its more work that that. On my gs I have rear lower arms (Nagisa not cheap) battle version toe and traction arms. stabilizer adjustable end links by Nagisa, and tcs uppers until it can find so nice ones.
    thats like around $2500 right there . to give you an Idea.
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  3. sojah

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    that's crazy man. i've always had coilovers or air cups and nice wheels on all my cars in the last 12 years. some even with anti sway and strut tower brace bars, but these arms take it to a whole nother level $$ wise for sure. now i know why they say camber killz ;)
  4. boostedsi

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    this is my setup now, megan lowers ( till i switch out my Nagisa) battle version toe links, and of course my coilovers ( insurance group) 20k 16k
    that's about -10 wheels are 18x11 +10 255 35's

    I know the airred out look is nice but sheesh it's cost's bank to static drive like that all the time..
  5. Yep the rear upper is what you need, I have nearly complete tdemand suspension. Rear is a mix of nagisa, battle version and SPL. Did cost a lot but after owning, kinda worth it to build the car the way we want. Cost more than bag setup.

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