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Discussion in 'Event Coverage' started by Oyabun, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    Here's some pics. I took at SEMA this year!! Sorry there arn't alot only 57 pics!! Click the pic. to start the show!! Special thanks goes out to Mike from VSC, Sean from JDM Palace, Shuji, Maho, Mr. Tsuzuku, and Mr. V.I.P. Himself Mr. Taketomi. for their hospitality at the Junction Produce booth!!!!!! [​IMG]
  2. BIGGZ

    BIGGZ New Member

    thanks for sharing!
    Did Mr.Taketomi have a sword with him?
    Now thats gangsta!!!!
  3. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    Yes he did have his swords with him!!:biggthumpup:
  4. C4 President

    C4 President New Member

    Very nice coverage. man twin turbo after headers is sick. sleeper. If Mr.Taketomi aint a sword with him its a nice suit. lol. He at least knows how to have fun. He seemed real chill at the auto fashion meet.
  5. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    Oh that was you at the booth? I was the tall black dude standing around stalking Mike D. I saw you take a picture with Taketomi-san and I wanted one too but wanted to wait for my wife to get back with the camera. Her damn Starbucks failed me.
  6. 208Soarer

    208Soarer New Member

    Great Pics! Got to love the Junction Produce booth- After that, the rest seemed so meh...:shrug:


    great pics!
  8. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    Damb if I had know'n it was you Damicci I would have introuced myself!!!:pat: I was looking for everyone and anyone from VSC!!!! I even missed Emerald everywhere I went!!!:pat: Yeah I just happened to be at the right place at the right time for the pics!!!:biggthumpup:
  9. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    we should have a thread with faces LOL I missed so many socalers because no one was by their cars
  10. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    James where you there!!??:signdammit:
  11. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    nahh only in socal for the meet I was just sayin ..;( sorry to hear about mishabs wit fam bro ;(
  12. jdmpalace

    jdmpalace VSC Super Moderator

    Thanks for the pics man, I'm sorry I had to leave for the photoshoot at the end and didn't get to say bye. Damn good thing I was not there for the clean up since I put it all up by myself :biggthumpup:
  13. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    Dude!!! we had fun takeing everything down!!!!LOL!!! Saw SEMA from the inside doing the take down. We had fun afterwards loading our vehicles and some friend's vehicles onto and into their trailers!!! :biggthumpup:

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