Removing Front door trim in a Y33 to replace speakers

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  1. Who_ate_my_rice

    Who_ate_my_rice New Member

    Ok quick run down on how to remove the front door panels so you can put your own speakers in :)

    will update with back seats soon! Mod just move/delete if this is in the wrong section. thanks :)
  2. burgy

    burgy New Member

    The USDM driver side is even easier as there is no handle. Also, I did NOT take out the window controls, instead I just popped off the trim panel and unplugged everything from behind to remove it all together as one piece....
  3. Who_ate_my_rice

    Who_ate_my_rice New Member

    this is true, but i was to scared i'd leave the trim somewhere and it will get marked ont eh ground or someone will scratch it with another carpart, misc item.

    I removed mine and wrapped it in a rag to keep it scratch free :)

    ....yes im paranoid, but hey! hardly any of these cars in New Zealand so i wanted to take all the precautions necessary :)
  4. burgy

    burgy New Member

  5. cunanank90

    cunanank90 New Member

    The link doesn't work anymore I need to take off the front driver side door panel because I want to replace the rear view mirror covers and I need to take the door panels off first. Someone please help me. Thanks.

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