Remove Headliner Y33

Discussion in 'Interior' started by kpmengr, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. kpmengr

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    I have everything removed from the headliner and almost have the headliner free. I cant figure out how to get the headliner "unhooked" from the metal clips. My guess is that it should slide toward the rear. Can someone confirm? If it slides toward the rear then I need to release the headliner at the front. It seems to still be anchored at the two inner sunshade mounts. See red circles and the attached pic for location. I also have a pic of the plastic sunshade mount. How do I remove these? I have used my plastic trim tool to pry but no luck so far. I am afraid I will break them. Are these available from the dealer? They dont show up in the FSM that I can see. ... -headliner ... ade-anchor

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